Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ahmadinejad can spell!

Pope Gets Letter From Ahmadinejad

"VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI received a letter Wednesday from Iran's hardline president about the recent U.N. Security Council resolution imposing sanctions against Tehran for refusing to compromise on its nuclear program, Iran's state-run news agency reported.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter was delivered by Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki after the pontiff's general audience at the Vatican's Paul VI hall, the Vatican said.

The Vatican did not release details of the content of Ahmadinejad's letter, but Iran's state-run IRNA news agency said the note focused on Saturday's Security Council vote approving sanctions against Iran in the standoff over its nuclear program.

The Vatican said Benedict stressed his apolitical role in his brief meeting with Mottaki...."

It seems as if Ahmadinejad is trying to get some sympathy from the Vatican in his efforts to belittle the Bush Administration. Granted, the Vatican will stay as apolitical as possible, they should support the West's efforts to thwart any Islamic nuclear program.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Scott Macleod & Mahmoud-Monkey Ahmadinejad: Love at first sight

Sorry for the disappearing act, I'm recovering from a dreadful cold and a dreadful week of the "news". It's hard to blog on the constant assault of our troops, administration, and Commander-in-Chief. It's even harder to blog when our "press" fastidiously recognizes the enemy.

Continuously we hear stories of troop distress, Pelosi-purging, and anti-American sentiment. It's a challenge to weed through it all but more importantly, try and promote the truth so the uninformed public does know. These are truly trying times.

And then I read this.

Ahmadinejad's Ambitions
In an exclusive interview, the Iranian President - and Person of the Year candidate - discusses his conference questioning the Holocaust, his letter to the American people and the state of his nuclear plans

I am sick and tired of these "reporters" that are sympathizing with the enemy:

Ahmadinejad was as spirited as ever - answering questions with questions ("Do you not believe in God?"), correcting the interpreter's translations (he understands some English but prefers not to speak it) and laughing when he felt he had scored a rhetorical point.

I am sick and tired of these "reporters" asking unobtrusive, easy questions to tyrants:

"Why did you write your recent letter to the American people?"
"Was this a public relations exercise to improve your image, or do you really want a dialogue with the United States?"
"The Baker-Hamilton commission recommended the U.S. initiate a dialogue with you. If the Bush Administration reached out to Iran, are you ready to talk to President Bush now?"

This type of interview where an anti-Semitic, murdering dictator is put on a pedestal instead of being questioned on his Jew-hating, Islamofascist ideals. Bush, Cheney, and any current politician is virtually harassed and verbally assaulted by the press while tyrannical enemies are being indulged and praised.

The 21st century media is a joke.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


NBC is supporting a money-losing adventure. I for one, loathe this show.

In Its Entirety

Media Shows Irrational Hysteria on Global Warming

"The Public Has Been Vastly Misinformed," NCPA's Deming Tells Senate Committee
12/6/2006 5:57:00 PM

To: National Desk

Contact: Sean Tuffnell of the National Center for Policy Analysis, 972-308-6481 or

WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 /U.S. Newswire/ -- David Deming, an associate professor at the University of Oklahoma and an adjunct scholar with the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), testified this morning at a special hearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The hearing examined climate change and the media. Bellow are excerpts from his prepared remarks.

"In 1995, I published a short paper in the academic journal Science. In that study, I reviewed how borehole temperature data recorded a warming of about one degree Celsius in North America over the last 100 to 150 years. The week the article appeared, I was contacted by a reporter for National Public Radio. He offered to interview me, but only if I would state that the warming was due to human activity. When I refused to do so, he hung up on me.

"I had another interesting experience around the time my paper in Science was published. I received an astonishing email from a major researcher in the area of climate change. He said, "We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period." "The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was a time of unusually warm weather that began around 1000 AD and persisted until a cold period known as the "Little Ice Age" took hold in the 14th century. ... The existence of the MWP had been recognized in the scientific literature for decades. But now it was a major embarrassment to those maintaining that the 20th century warming was truly anomalous. It had to be "gotten rid of."

"In 1999, Michael Mann and his colleagues published a reconstruction of past temperature in which the MWP simply vanished. This unique estimate became known as the "hockey stick," because of the shape of the temperature graph. "Normally in science, when you have a novel result that appears to overturn previous work, you have to demonstrate why the earlier work was wrong. But the work of Mann and his colleagues was initially accepted uncritically, even though it contradicted the results of more than 100 previous studies. Other researchers have since reaffirmed that the Medieval Warm Period was both warm and global in its extent.
"There is an overwhelming bias today in the media regarding the issue of global warming. In the past two years, this bias has bloomed into an irrational hysteria. Every natural disaster that occurs is now linked with global warming, no matter how tenuous or impossible the connection. As a result, the public has become vastly misinformed."

The NCPA is an internationally known nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute with offices in Dallas and Washington, D. C. that advocates private solutions to public policy problems. NCPA depends on the contributions of individuals, corporations and foundations that share our mission. The NCPA accepts no government grants.
/© 2006 U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770/

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Define "Winning"

Recently the new nominee for the Secretary of Defense has claimed that 'he doesn't believe that we're winning in Iraq.' Here's an excerpt from Breitbart in which Gates is quoted:

Gates, 63, said he believes President Bush wants to see Iraq improve to the point where it can govern and defend itself, while seeking a new approach. "What we are now doing is not satisfactory," Gates said.

"In my view, all options are on the table, in terms of how we address this problem in Iraq," he added.

Asked point-blank by Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., whether the U.S. is winning in Iraq, Gates replied, "No, sir."

Much of the hearing's questioning focused on whether Gates would provide independent advice to Bush, and the former CIA director assured the committee that he would not shirk from that duty.

(Emphasis added)

Now what I find interesting is what Drudge points out today about Tony Snow disagreeing with the situation. I find it quite odd that prior to his nomination that he's throwing the administration and Rumsfeld under the bus. Gates is lining us up for more problems if he already isn't seeing eye-to-eye with the administration.

I expect the SoD to be a loyal individual to our President and to serve him, as we would expect from an employee. We will succeed in Iraq as we are winning the battle. Wars do not last months and democracies don't grow overnight. Our success is not only covered up by the MSM but also by the liberal mouthpieces that only know how to disagree.

HT: Drudge

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Patrick Buchanan Reflection

I'm leaving on business at the beginning of next week so I'll be "blogging lite" until next weekend. It's always nice to travel alone, meeting new people and seeing the United States from a different perspective.

With that said, I'd like to leave on a quote from Patrick Buchanan's new book, "State of Emergency," in which he talks about the current immigration issue. You can read all of Patrick Buchanan's articles here on his new website. He's quite the controversial politician and very outspoken, but he is a man of principles and very intelligent at that. Some are undoubtedly upset with him over his view of GWB and some administration policies but all in all, Buchanan is defending the conservative view and disagreements will occur.

The promised quote:

By 2050 there will be almost 2.5 times as many people here as in 1960: 420 million. The share of the population of European descent will be a minority as it is today in California, Texas and New Mexico. And that minority will be aging, shrinking and dying. There will be as many Hispanics here, 102 million, as there are Mexicans today in Mexico...

-- State of Emergency

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I also want to remind everyone to thank God for all of the men and women that couldn't be at home with their families because they are fighting for our freedoms. Without them, we could not give thanks.

Thank you Lord for this great country and blessing us all.

Monday, November 20, 2006

New Members of BARC

I'd like to take this time to introduce two new members of "Bloggers Against Red China." They both cover the PRC issue in great detail and both blogs will be nice reads.

Dad29 has an extensive array of criticism ranging from our trading status with China to local Wisconsin politics. It is one of my daily reads and I've snatched a piece of his latest coverage on Red China:

Military buildup, spying on US defense secrets, IP theft, slave labor, murder-for-profit in body parts, brutal suppression of religious believers...

The 'Greatest Culture on the Planet,' eh?

Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton still have to explain their MFN/PNTR concessions to this monster.

Read the entire post here: China Is Our Friend!! Part 489220.

More of Dad29's articles are listed below:

China is our Friend Part 49639
China is our Friend Part 385946
China is our Friend Part 45875

Now on to the second addition. St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse hosts the blog Shaking Off Sleep which also covers a variety of topics from his recent Catholic re-conversion to the perils of the communist regime. Here's a taste of his recent articles:

I'm really tired of seeing how Catholics are treated in China, and having people speak about how engagement is going to bring change. Ok, you want change? Here it comes:

I ain't buying anymore of their crap!

You can read the entire article here: Can We Buy their Freedom

Or this one:

Maybe it's time to start going for the companies that manufacture goods over there, and persuade them that while China may be cheapest, they're materially assisting the Maoist government in persecuting their people. If enough large companies start pulling out, or threatening to, the government may stop this kind of oppression. Any other suggestions?

You can read the entire article here: Marxist Love

More of St. Jimbob's articles are listed below:

Render Unto Mao...
Of Mice and Martyrs

Two great additions to the Blogroll. I recommend checking both blogs out as they're as entertaining as they are insightful.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Red China Threatening the Freedom of Taiwan

As expected, China is beginning to stockpile an arsenal aimed at Taiwan in an apparent effort to take back the country once under Chinese rule. The World Tribune reports:

China continues its planning to invade Taiwan and now has more than 900 missile targeted on the island, Taiwanese officials said last week.

"Despite China's impressive economic rise, it has become more authoritarian, posing a grave threat to our sovereignty and abusing human rights like never before," Taiwanese President Chen Shuibian said.

Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Joseph Wu also said in Taipei that China is a threat and has supported some of the world's most notorious violators of human rights.

Chinese missiles are located in five bases in nearby Fujian Province. Additionally, China now has 11 military satellites in orbit.

As mentioned before, this was totally expected but the bigger problem is our vow to the Taiwanese people. We've promised to protect their freedom at all costs and I'm curious to see what Red China intends to do about this. With the imminent battle ahead, does China give up a lucrative country like us to control a smaller area of land?

China has flexed it's muscles in the past but these types of military moves only shows their true intentions. We need the help of Japan, SKorea, and Australia to persuade China against this move.

In related news, Chinese President Jintao intends on helping Pakistan build nuclear power plants. Read the full Reuters article here.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

I'm in Las Vegas for the week on "work" so I won't be posting or commenting until next weekend. I'll try and not have too much fun.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

And all the Kings Men...

Well, there is some house-cleaning going on, some voluntarily and some not. This is probably going to go on for a while and sadly, we may see some good people leave. I for one am not happy about Rumsfeld's leave, as I thought he was doing a fine job.

Now, it is being reported that Ken Mehlman plans on leaving the top spot of the Republican National Committee. Apparently, "...Mehlman, whose party lost both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections, will step down from his post when his two-year term ends in January, GOP officials said Thursday." This comes as a surprise because not only was he a strong leader but also because of his close relationship to Rove.

This isn't quite a resignation but we all know it's coming. Bolton's appointment is looking quite bleak with the control of both houses switching to the Democrats. He was never appointed to the UN ambassador role but only had a temporary position granted by Bush until congress reconvenes. If the Democrats get their way, which they will, Bolton will be unemployed.

I think the pins will keep falling until Dean goes back on his word...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

I did see this coming, I knew that this would happen, and I want to give some thanks to where it is due:

Thanks to the Republicans that sold their souls.
Thanks to the Republicans that didn't listen to their constituents.
Thanks to the "conservatives" that acted more like puppets.
Thanks to the Democrats that ran with no platform and still pulled it off.
Thanks to Michael J. Fox for lying through your teeth.
Thanks to all of the newly registered voters that went into '06 educated by the media.
Thanks to the media for keeping it "straight", especially on the war.

If it weren't for all of you, this might not have happened.

Now, how does that old line go... "But I digress...."

What's more important here is what Rush had to say today: "I feel liberated..." Limbaugh feels free from defending the RINOs and the pathetic SIG controlled Republicans and obviously, I couldn't agree more. The next two years should be an epiphany for us as conservatives to realize what we've jeopardized and that we really need to make amends for 2008. This isn't a loss for the Republicans, it's a loss for the conservatives that sold themselves.

This is a time for change.

On a positive note, all of the liars that tried tricking Wisconsin voters into voting "No" failed miserably. I'm glad you invested millions of advertising dollars into lies that didn't succeed. Wisconsites have agreed with a 60% majority that marriage is defined in Wisconsin as the union of a man and a woman. Even though my state re-elected a crook for governor and a new democratic house in the state, at least we have some morality left.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Uh oh.


This is just a quick note:

I apologize for the varying lack of images on my web page but apparently I've exceeded my allowed band width through my image provider. I'll need to replace all of the images onto a new site. This might take a few days. I apologize for the inconvenience, please be patient.


Iraqi Kurdistan Prime Minister Nerchivan Barzani
Speaks with Parents of Fallen U.S. Troops in Iraq


"CNN International and Al Jazeera are equally bad in their coverage of the situation in Iraq"

(ERBIL, IRAQ) - The Prime Minister of the Iraqi Kurdistan regional government met with the families of fallen U.S. soldiers today and he had a message for the news media: your coverage of the Iraq war is terribly biased.

"CNN International and Al Jazeera are equally bad in their coverage of the situation in Iraq," said Nerchivan Barzani, Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan.

"When I was in the United States recently and read the negative news in the Washington Post, New York Times and in the network TV broadcasts, I even wondered if things had gotten so bad since I had left that I shouldn't return," said Prime Minister Barzani.

The comments came during meetings between the Prime Minister and the delegation of Gold Star Families who are on a historic trip to Iraq. These families lost a child in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and they are in Iraq now to see the progress being made that their children gave their lives for.

Yesterday they joined the people in Iraq in celebrating the GUILTY verdict handed down against the murderous former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.

These American families are on a 10-day journey to Iraq to see the land where their children died in the fight against terrorism. Never before has such a coordinated delegation of Gold Star Families visited Iraq, and their arrival comes amidst news reports that Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapons program under development before Coalition Forces toppled his regime.

The trip is organized by the nation's largest grass-roots pro-troop organization, Move America Forward which was founded in 2004.


Friday, November 03, 2006

More Saddam Sympathizers

I've just grabbed the first few paragraphs of an article covering the Hussein trial that I noticed had a slant in favor of Hussein. This was reported on and was written by Ibon Villelabeitia and Ahmed Rasheed.

"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Three years after he gave himself up to American soldiers without firing a shot, Saddam Hussein may be condemned to hang on Sunday if an Iraqi court finds him guilty of crimes against humanity."

I don't recall anyone 'giving himself' up; we caught him in a foxhole hiding. I'm sure he would've went down in a blaze of glory if he had remembered his AK-47.

"The final act of Saddam's year-old first trial, the verdict is the high point of a historic, U.S.-sponsored experiment in international justice intended to unite Iraqis in exorcising three decades of rule by the former president, accused of mass killing and torture to keep power over Iraq's disparate people."

I love the term they use here: "U.S.-sponsored experiment." Yes, we experimented to see what would happen if we ousted the 'butcher of Baghdad' from power. We're actually applying for a grant on this experiment.

"If convicted, Saddam faces death by hanging, a prospect Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with some disregard for judicial independence, has said cannot come soon enough."

Considering what happened, I don't see any problem with the PM looking forward to this case being finalized. It's not uncommon for presidential denouncements to murderers.

This is just another case of sympathizers to the Iraqi cause. It's utterly repulsive to read this "news."

NCT Going Tailrank

You can view my "fame" here:

Don't worry, I won't let it get to my head.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shots fired in Turkey Pope protest

This is reported on and the whole article can be seen here. I've extracted the first few paragraphs which I feel are most important:

ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) -- Police say they have arrested a man who allegedly fired a pistol into the air outside the Italian consulate in Istanbul, then shouted slogans in protest of Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit.

The man, who was identified by police sources as Ibrahim Ak, according to CNN Turk, threw the gun on the grounds of the consulate shortly before his arrest on Thursday.

"I don't want him here, if he was here now I would strangle him with my bare hands," the suspect, who identified himself as Ibrahim Ak, 26, told a Dogan news agency television camera as he was detained by police, according to The Associated Press.

"I fired the shots for God," Ak said as he sat handcuffed inside a police van outside the consulate. "Inshallah (God willing), this will be a spark, a starter for Muslims."

"God willing, he will not come, if he comes, he will see what will happen to him Inshallah," Ak said.

If they need extra security, I'd be happy to fly over and assist in any "crowd control." This is that type of bees nest that you don't want to throw stones at.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry is the Enemy.

Well, well, well. This picture is splattered all over the internet and rightfully so. I'm glad that our troops are reacting to the remarks. However, it is disheartening to know that our troops overseas have to hear the anti-war rhetoric of traitorous politicians. They now have to fight a "two-front" war, one against terrorists and the other against Bush-haters.

On the other hand, I'm happy that even thousands of miles away, our troops have the ability to express their views of these "politicians." They can show their disgust to the remarks any way they see fit, in this case on an over-sized sheet with a can of paint. Don't forget, we too have this right to express our views and in this case, it should be at the polls.

Hopefully these remarks encourage all to get out and vote. Hopefully his asinine remarks help some realize the true face of the Democratic party. In my eyes, Kerry just won the election for the GOP. He just showed his true colors and the true colors of his party. Some rats are jumping ship but for the most part, they choose to support his anti-American rhetoric.

I firmly believe that any politician who feels this way about our troops does not belong in office.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Concertgoer pelts Babs with beverage

The Miami Herald reports:

Barbra Streisand's politics didn't find a wholly agreeable crowd during her Monday concert at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise.

As Babs traded political barbs with a George W. Bush imitator, a fan of the songstress who apparently disagreed with her politics pelted her with a beverage. And as her anti-GOP riff ended, another man in the crowd found himself being escorted out of the center as he shouted at Streisand.

Streisand shrugged both incidents off, saying some people would do better to buy her records than come to her shows.

A similar scenario unfolded during Streisand's concert earlier this month at Madison Square Garden in New York, during which the singer used the F-word in shouting down a heckler.

Now only if a heckler would treat Kerry that way...

Friday, October 27, 2006


Quick local post before the busy weekend begins. We need to elect Mark Green for governor in Wisconsin on November 7th. Wisconsin cannot take another four years of our current crook.

Here's a couple of great sites to check out to get the real facts on Bagman Jim Doyle:

Error and Impropriety
Diamond Jim
Dump Doyle - Permit to Carry

I took this right from the Green for Governor website. These are just his lies on the campaign trail. It's repulsive to see what he can get away with.

Jim Doyle and the Democrats will say just about anything to smear Mark. But the truth is on our side. Get the facts on their misleading ads.

Jim Doyle: "No Way" Ad
In this ad, Jim Doyle tries to claim he is against illegal immigration, but his behavior shows a pattern of doing the opposite. Get the facts.

Greater Wisconsin Committee: School Cuts Ad
GWC is again trying to say Mark's budget plan will result in cuts to schools, but the only folks talking about cuts are Jim Doyle, the GWC and Democrats. Get the facts.

Jim Doyle: "Over" Ad
Jim Doyle rigged the state Elections Board vote, and now he wants you to believe Mark did something illegal. Shameful. Get the facts.

Greater Wisconsin Committee: "Actor" Ad
This time, Jim Doyle's shadowy interest group backers attack Mark's record on education. Again, their attacks just don't work.

Jim Doyle: "Give it Back" Ad
Jim Doyle lecturing on ethics and corruption - that's rich.

Jim Doyle: "Moving Forward" Ad
Jim Doyle is trying to claim he created jobs, but the facts say otherwise.

Jim Doyle: "News" Ad
Once again, Jim Doyle is up on the air with a negative, dirty ad. Don't be fooled - get the facts.

Greater Wisconsin Committee: "Team" Ad
The GWC tries to say Mark is on the wrong team. You decide what the facts say.

Jim Doyle: "Stands" Ad
This ad from Jim Doyle makes it clear that he intends to run a negative campaign, and will attack Mark for voting to lower taxes. This Fact Sheet sets the record straight.

Jim Doyle: "Surprise" Ad
Jim Doyle tries to claim he fixed Wisconsin's state budget deficit, but the facts say otherwise.

Greater Wisconsin Committee: "Stop" Ad
In this ad, the GWC puts forth false information on Mark's record on prescription drugs.

Jim Doyle: "Six Times" Ad
Jim Doyle lies about Mark's position on stem cell research. Don't let him get away with it. Read the facts.

Greater Wisconsin Committee: "Side" Ad
The GWC released this misleading ad to distort Mark's record on fighting for lower gas prices.

Greater Wisconsin Committee: "Priorities" Ad
This GWC ad claims that Mark's vote to save taxpayers money by reining in government spending is really a cut. Don't buy it. Get the facts.

Greater Wisconsin Committee: "Ethics" Ad
This GWC ad tries to tie Mark to events that he had nothing to do with. It fails to pass the truth test.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At least our stars don't lie.

Two articles separated by a recount.

Here's something that I threw together today after reading an article found on Breitbart written by AP White House Correspondent, Terence Hunt. The maroon, italicized sections are the beginning paragraphs of the actual article written about Bush's press conference today. The paragraphs following are my interpretation of what would've been written if Gore were in office. Enjoy the laughs and then realize that this probably isn't far from the truth.

Bush Acknowledges U.S. Concern on Iraq

In a somber, pre-election review of a long and brutal war, President Bush conceded Wednesday that the United States is taking heavy casualties in Iraq and said, "I know many Americans are not satisfied with the situation" there.

President Gore Uplifts the American Spirits over the minor Confrontation in Iraq

In an upbeat, pre-election review of a short and quiet confrontation, Gore stated Wednesday that the United States is winning at all costs in Iraq and said, "I know many Americans are unsettled with the situation" there.

"I'm not satisfied either," he said at a speech and question and answer session at the White House 13 days before midterm elections.

"I'm not satisfied either," he said at a fantastic speech and friendly question and answer session at the White House 13 days before another Democratic upsurge in the election.

Despite conceding painful losses, Bush said victory was essential in Iraq as part of the broader war on terror.

Explaining that the US will not bow to the terrorist insurgency, Gore said victory was essential in Iraq as part of the greater good for the war on terror.

"We're winning and we will win, unless we leave before the job is done," he said.

"We're winning and we'll win, thanks to my great leadership, never cutting and running," he said.

Bush said that as those fighting American and Iraqi forces change their strategies, the United States is also adjusting its military tactics.

Gore said that as those fighting American and Iraqi forces change their strategies, the United States is also adjusting its military tactics.

"Americans have no intention of taking sides in a sectarian struggle or standing in the crossfire between rival factions," he said.

"Americans have no intention of taking sides in a minor disagreement or standing in the way of compromise and acceptance," he said.

Several Democratic critics have said that is precisely what the administration is risking with an open-ended commitment of American forces, at a time that a year-old Iraqi government gropes for a compromise that can satisfy Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish political interests.

Several Republican supporters have said that is precisely what the country is willing to do for the Iraqi people, at a time where the new Iraqi government tirelessly works for a compromise to satisfy its citizens of all faith.

Bush spoke as Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said the U.S. government has a right to revise its policies as it sees fit. At the same time, he said that talk of timetables for troop withdrawals "is not coming from the inner circles in the U.S. government," but the product of the American election campaign. "We are not much concerned about that," he said.

Gore spoke as Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said the US government is has a right to the revision of policies and would consider them immediately. At the same time, he said that talks of timetables or troop withdrawals "is not coming from the strong Democratic government but the product of the weak Republican cut-and-run strategists. Gore will do the right thing," he said.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More smoke and mirrors from the Left.

I was listening to both Limbaugh and Belling (local conservative talk-show host) this afternoon and they were both really on target about the current liberal ad campaigns. As of yesterday, I thought that the ad deception of the left was perhaps a small problem but now we're learning that it's national. Apparently the new ad agency for the liberal agenda believe the most effective way to acquire a vote is to trick the audience into it.

Yesterday, I covered the vote "No" agenda that was confusing viewers in the current Wisconsin marriage amendment. This ad totally deceived the viewer into the wrong vote on claims that 'nothing will change.' Now we learn that as of late, many states have had ad campaigns done by PAC groups that are trying to deceive their viewers. This new tactic seems to be a popular trend and is happening in more than a few states on more than one situation.

Limbaugh and Belling points out the most prominent case being the lies of Michael J Fox, in both Maryland, Wisconsin, and about thirty other states (as of this posting). Fox is claiming that if we support stem-cell research candidates, we're saving his life. He apparently implies that we're 'special' to him because our states care about saving lives. Apparently, Fox believes that stem-cell research is a life-saving practice. Now in actuality, stem-cell research (or the killing of life) hasn't produced any evidence towards stopping diseases. Stem-cell research has only proved to take the lives of the embryos tested.

Furthermore, Fox is insinuating another bold-faced lie. Most Republicans support stem-cell research, including the funding of it with tax dollars. Generally, they don't believe in funding new embryonic studies. Researchers have found stem-cells in both adult bodies and in the umbilical cord of the infant following birth, sufficing the need of the tests. The problem is, liberals still want to kill new embryos and Republicans don't want to support that with our tax dollars. So is the case for Green (Republican candidate for WI governor). Fox's ad is implying that Green is anti-stem-cell research when really, that's far from the case.

Granted, I expect nothing more from the liberal agenda but I didn't think outright ad deception was a national effort. One would think that these types of efforts wouldn't be condoned, much less allowed to happen.

Gayle put it best in the comments of yesterday's post, "they know the only way they can get it passed is by fooling the public." They can't win with the facts so they lie to try and get their way into office.

Liberal lies make my blood boil.

Amen Brother

In this case, I don't believe our tax dollars are going to waste on illegal immigration.

HT: Drudge Report

Monday, October 23, 2006

Vote Yes

The reason for this post might seem simple but it's not. On November 7th, the citizens of Wisconsin will be voting on an amendment that will either fortify or destroy the "sanctity" of marriage. On the ballot, we're getting the choice of adding an amendment that will define husband and wife as male and female; eliminating the option of same-sex marriage.

Now, you all might think this is easy enough but you're mistaken. Fair Wisconsin is a group supporting gay marriage in Wisconsin and are currently running an ad campaign telling the voters that 'if they vote "no", nothing will change.'

Throughout the commercial, they imply the message that voting "no" will 'not change anything.' But in actuality, it changes all. Some believe that within minutes of the amendment not passing, same-sex marriage will be pushed through the courts.

As Christian conservatives, we must vote "yes" and pass the amendment which will define holy marriage as the union between "one man and one woman." As you might of noticed, I've uploaded an image with this message that will link back to Vote Yes to Marriage, an organization dedicated to keeping the marriage between one man and one woman. Wisconsinites, spread the word and feel free to use the image and link.

Pray for the success of this amendment.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mr. T's been tipped off.

Here's a link that everyone should visit. It's a site dedicated to anti-American sentiment by the Chinese. Have at it, they're quite loving.

A Request

Ms. Vorheza over at Toasted Bread requested that I post this on my site. It's for your enjoyment.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Me so sorry.

Yea, what a crock of %&@#. We all know that Kim Jong Il is lying through his tiny teeth. There is no way he's sorry for what he's done, I don't believe it. There are two possible scenarios at play here.

1. He could very well be suffering from the economic sanctions.

2. His communist country cannot weaponize the nuclear reation.

My vote is for a combination of the two.

It's funny how when China, SKorea, and Australia put a squeeze on you, things start to go wrong. We all stopped food imports while China went beyond the measures of the UN sanctions and halted all financial transactions into the North; literally shutting down the economy within hours.

I'm quite confident that NKorea is regretting their actions because they have failed. Kim has realized the intricacies of having a nuclear arsenal and they're far from it. Breitbart reports:

Kim told Chinese State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan that "we have no plans for additional nuclear tests," Yonhap news agency reported, citing an unnamed diplomatic source in Beijing.
Kim also told the Chinese that "he is sorry about the nuclear test," the mass-circulation Chosun Ilbo daily reported, citing a diplomatic source in China. The North Korean leader also raised the possibility the country would return to arms talks.

"If the U.S. makes a concession to some degree, we will also make a concession to some degree, whether it be bilateral talks or six-party talks," Kim was quoted as telling a Chinese envoy, the newspaper reported.

No. We will not make a concession. You began this by testing nuclear explosions, by spewing anti-American rhetoric, and by having disregarded our requests. I have no reason to trust you again, much less accept your apology.

Of course the media loves you again. They act as if your apology is sincere; they make you out to be a mistaken, nice leader. I expect nothing more from the MSM. This BS has gone on long enough, let's snuff out the embers before a fire starts.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

No More Spin: CNN crosses the line, posts insurgent propaganda

CNN posting insurgent videos of snipers killing Iraqi soldiers. This is a must read.

Quick Update

Yes, I've finally converted to for all of my commenting and trackback. This was at the prayers of all two of my readers (you know who you are). So, if you want to see the original blogger comments prior to posting your own, please click on the 'posted time' as blogger will then show the whole post, the old comments, and then give you the option to post on Haloscan.

Give me some time to get used to this as I'm kumpooter illiterate.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Letter from a Student...

Dear God,

Why didn't you save the school children at:

Moses Lake, Washington 2/2/96, Bethel, Alaska 2/19/97, Pearl, Mississippi 10/1/97, West Paducah, Kentucky 12/1/97, Stamp, Arkansas 12/15/97, Jonesboro, Arkansas 3/24/98, Edinboro, Pennsylvania 4/24/98, Fayetteville, Tennessee 5/19/98, Springfield, Oregon 5/21/98, Richmond, Virginia 6/15/98, Littleton, Colorado 4/20/99, Taber, Alberta, Canada 5/28/99, Conyers, Georgia 5/20/99, Deming, New Mexico 11/19/99, Fort Gibson, Oklahoma 12/6/99, Santee, California 3/ 5/01 and El Cajon, California 3/22/01?

Concerned Student


My Sweet Child,

I am not allowed in schools.


Let's see, I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained that 'she didn't want any prayer in our schools.'

And we said, 'OK...'

Then, someone said 'you better not read the Bible in school, the Bible that says "thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, and love your neighbors as yourself."'

And we said, 'OK...'

Dr. Benjamin Spock said, 'we shouldn't spank our children when they misbehave because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem.'

And we said, 'an expert should know what he's talking about so we won't spank them anymore...'

Then someone said, 'teachers and principals better not discipline our children when they misbehave. And the school administrators said no faculty member in this school better touch a student when they misbehave because we don't want any bad publicity, and we surely don't want to be sued.'

And we accepted their reasoning...

Then someone said, 'let's let our daughters have abortions if they want, and they won't even have to tell their parents.'

And we said, 'that's a grand idea...'

Then some wise school board member said, 'since boys will be boys and they're going to do it anyway, let's give our sons all the condoms they want, so they can have all the fun they desire, and we won't have to tell their parents they got them at school.'

And we said, 'that's another great idea...'

Then some of our top elected officials said 'it doesn't matter what we do in private as long as we do our jobs.'

And we said, 'it doesn't matter what anybody, including the President, does in private as long as we have jobs and the economy is good...'

And someone else took that appreciation a step further and published pictures of nude children and then stepped further still by making them available on the Internet.

And we said, 'everyone's entitled to free speech...'

And the entertainment industry said, 'let's make TV shows and movies that promote profanity, violence and illicit sex. And let's record music that encourages rape, drugs, murder, suicide, and satanic themes...'

And we said, 'it's just entertainment and it has no adverse effect and nobody takes it seriously anyway, so go right ahead.'

Now we're asking ourselves 'why our children have no conscience, why they don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't bother them to kill strangers, classmates or even themselves?'

Undoubtedly, if we thought about it long and hard enough, we could figure it out. I'm sure it has a great deal to do with...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Pictured here is the newest version of our nation's security, the UH-60M Black Hawk. This is what the drug-smugglers, terrorists, human traffickers, and illegal immigrants will be seeing on the northern American border.

Yes, we're finally beefing up the security to a point that is realistic, utilizing helicopters, drones, and other aircraft to monitor the border. The National Post reports:

"On Monday, the U.S Department of Homeland Security officially opened its Customs and Border Protection air facility in Great Falls, Mont. - the third of five air wings to be set up along the Canada-U.S. border.

Equipped with two Blackhawk helicopters, two Citation jet interceptors and one Pilatus surveillance plane, the detachment is responsible for 800 kilometres of land border with Canada. Similar facilities are up and running in Bellingham, Wash., and Plattsburg, N.Y. Two more are planned, in Detroit and Grand Forks, N.D."

It's nice to see the government reacting to this ever-growing problem. Now, if the government was being proactive, I'd actually be impressed. It's about time that the United States government begins to fulfill its obligation to its people - protection.

HT: Drudge

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Enemy of the State

Apparently, BARC is causing some what of a stir over in the Red country. Shown below is the recent visitor map of my site showing two hits from China today. Curious to see if this activity increases...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Chinese Death Buses

Recently I've received an email from a friend over at Toastedbread on a particular post about the actions of Red China. It seems as if China needs to quicken its execution process to further their communist agenda and to continue the growth of its organ surplus.

Apparently, China is creating "Death Buses" that the police will use to conduct executions on-site. This will 'streamline' the procedure and even allow doctors to come aboard and harvest the new organs. Warbucket also covers this in great detail and I've extracted a piece of their post:

The country that executed more than four times as many convicts as the rest of the world combined last year is slowly phasing out public executions by firing squad in favor of lethal injections. Unlike the United States and Singapore, the only two other countries where death is administered by injection, China metes out capital punishment from specially equipped "death vans" that shuttle from town to town.

Makers of the death vans say the vehicles and injections are a civilized alternative to the firing squad, ending the life of the condemned more quickly, clinically and safely. The switch from gunshots to injections is a sign that China "promotes human rights now," says Kang Zhongwen, who designed the Jinguan Automobile death van in which "Devil" Zhang took his final ride.

There is a video that is really a must see from Sky News in which they cover this story in great detail. This video includes witness accounts, blueprints, and an inside look at the Red persecution. Here's an excerpt from my friend over at Toastedbread:

"There are very few people confronting the system. In the video we can see one of the few lawyers defending the prisoners: he tells the reporter that 99,99% of all the people accused of crimes punished with death penalty, are condemned. After the interview, the lawyer was detained, and nobody knows what ha happened to him."

I don't know what's more appalling, the fact that this is occuring or the fact the MSM ignores its duty in covering the story. For every life that's lost, I blame the MSM for not bringing this to our attention.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

China! China! China!

This will be my last post for about 10 days as I'll be traveling on business for the next week. This also explains my 'light posting' in the last week as I've been preparing for my trip.

As I was browsing the news, this caught my eye because the EU is also having problems with the ever-growing trade imbalances...

China Threatens To Retaliate After EU Agrees To Impose Financial Penalties On Chinese Shoe Exports To Europe

(RTTNews) - Under pressure from manufacturers, the EU has accused China of "dumping" shoes in Europe at less than market prices and imposed a tariff of 16.5% on leather shoes imported from China over the next two years, reports BBC.

"The European anti-dumping measures on Chinese leather shoes lack any legal or factual basis and damage the Chinese companies' legitimate rights," Chong Quan, spokesman for China's Commerce Ministry, said.

Shoe manufacturers from Vietnam also have been critical of the EU's move saying almost 70 thousand jobs in the sector would be threatened.

Beijing said the tariff, approved by one vote, was legally "defective" and not in accord with global trade rules. Beijing while protesting the move said the tariff is not in line with WTO or EU law.

China said it would review the situation and warned that it reserved the right to take "corresponding measures". China exports more than one billion shoes to EU countries.

I think what disturbs me the most is the EU's reaction. Undoubtedly, they're going to take it in the %#@ while China keeps cashing the checks. The US definitely has a problem with it's financial relationship with Red China but it seems as if the EU's is just as bad.

For every pair of shoes we buy, inevitably we're arming one more Chinese soldier.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Abhorrent Reporting

Okay, I want everyone to read this and tell me what's wrong with this article:

Verdict in Saddam Case to Be Delayed

Oct 03 9:22 AM US/Eastern

By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA, Associated Press Writer

The Iraqi court trying Saddam Hussein postponed the verdict in the former leader's first trial and said Tuesday that the judges are considering the possibility of recalling some witnesses.
The court is due to convene Oct. 16 for the first time since it adjourned July 27 to allow the five-judge panel to consider their verdicts against Saddam and seven co-defendants on charges of crimes against humanity for a crackdown against
Shiites in the 1980s.

A verdict had been expected on that day, but court spokesman Raid Juhi said the Oct. 16 session "will not be for the verdict. It's for the judges' review of the evidence." Juhi said he could not say when the verdict would be issued.

Saddam and his co-defendants face possible execution by hanging if found guilty in the charges, connected to a crackdown on Shiites in the town of Dujail launched in 1982.

If you picked that there was a massive slant towards Saddam Hussein - you are correct. It seems as if (I'm hypothesizing) that the reporter is a Sunni, Saddam supporter. As opposed to reporting the facts, Abdul-Zahra claims that Saddam committed a "crackdown against Shiites in the 1980s" and again, "a crackdown on Shiites," two paragraphs later. The second usage of the word "crackdown" rules out Abdul-Zahra being 'erroneously negligent' and puts him right in the 'biased reporter' category.

This is one of the most obvious pro-Hussein, or should I say, anti-Sunni Associated Press writers that I've come across in a long time.

And to you Breitbart - way to keep such a neutral stance. You deserve a medal for not pre-judging the "Butcher of Baghdad."

Why are we so surprised?

The media acts as if they didn't see this coming:

North Korea says will conduct nuclear test

"By Jonathan Thatcher Tue Oct 3, 9:10 AM ET

SEOUL (Reuters) - An increasingly isolated North Koreasaid on Tuesday it would conduct its first-ever nuclear test, blaming a U.S. "threat of nuclear war and sanctions" for forcing its hand.

The statement by North Korea's foreign ministry, carried on the official KCNA news agency, was condemned by neighboring Japan as "unacceptable" and caused South Korea to increase its security alert.

Britain said it would view any nuclear test as a highly provocative act."

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Evening Reflection

I went shooting this weekend at McMillers with a few fellow Cheddarsphere bloggers. Here's my take on the day:

It was a nice warm Saturday morning, driving down highway 67 with all of the windows down, admiring the changing colors of the leaves and the beautiful expanse of farm lots. The drive is very nice and therapeutic (as Phel points out) - getting off of Interstate 94 and skirting through a couple of hills before hitting the town of Eagle. I arrived late, rolling in around 11:30 to a fuller-than-normal parking lot. Dad29, who I was to pick up, called in sick and told me to 'look for a man in an orange hat' when I got there. Gee thanks Dad, its hunting season - I saw a few dozen.

Well, I rolled around in the lot and I noticed Steve and Phel who I've met before at DR. Immediately after that I saw the infamous orange hat on the head of Chris, the originator of this event. The rest of the story is quite obvious; I'm not going to go into what we shot, how we shot, or who shot what but rather my take on the event as a whole.

To sum it up, it was inspiring. Everything about the day was perfect. If you think about it, we as a people are blessed for what we have. I mean, it's easy to forget about all of the great liberties that we have in this country and on that day, I remembered them all.

To begin, I'm meeting with a group of bloggers that I've met online while practicing our freedom of speech. Then, I travel freely to another city in this beautiful state with no problems. At this point, I reach a state-owned park that leases out to McMillers - the company who obviously runs the range. At this point, I'm practicing my second amendment right with many other citizens who feel the same way. The whole day was not just about shooting but about our rights as Americans.

That is what was so beautiful about this particular Saturday morning - being an American. From our rights, to our freedoms, to our country. As I drove home that day, I was reflecting on the wonderful time that I just had when I passed by a billboard that bears repeating:

God bless America.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Beijing Interfering with US Satellites and more...

I came across this article on Drudge Report. It's another fascinating case where the liberal MSM is biased insofar as they won't cover serious international issues. When China starts to damage the surveillance cameras on US satellites, the public should know. I've taken an excerpt from the Telegraph article:

China has secretly fired powerful laser weapons designed to disable American spy satellites by "blinding" their sensitive surveillance devices, it was reported yesterday.

The hitherto unreported attacks have been kept secret by the Bush administration for fear that it would damage attempts to co-opt China in diplomatic offensives against North Korea and Iran.

Sources told the military affairs publication Defense News that there had been a fierce internal battle within Washington over whether to make the attacks public. In the end, the Pentagon's annual assessment of the growing Chinese military build-up barely mentioned the threat.

"After a contentious debate, the White House directed the Pentagon to limit its concern to one line," Defense News said.

Now, I want to bring up another point. Recently, another blogger has joined BARC and is very active in her reports about China. Toastedbread has covered two stories about China very extensively and has given me permission to use and link her posts. Here's a link to a post that I insist everyone read on the ever-growing arsenal of Communist China. This is a must read, both compelling and vigorous.

Another post that is more gruesome is linked here, a post over the surplus of organs. Very interesting...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bloggers Stand Up.

There are a lot of blogrolls on the Internet, ranging from personal blog address lists to very serious organizations. I for one began BARC due to my own personal feelings about the Chinese situation. The following blog rolls on the other hand, is something we should all agree upon.

After reading the transcripts, watching the videos, and hearing the reviews, I feel we need take a stand against Chavez's remarks and begin a boycott. As some of you may know, Citgo's majority stockholder is PetrĂ³leos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. So, all of the Citgo gas stations in America fuel Chavez's tyranny. We need to show him that his words will have repercussions - that we will not tolerate his propaganda. With that said, I'd like to introduce two new blogrolls for all to join: the Bloggers Boycotting Communist Citgo (in honor of the Venezuelan president) and the Devil's Advocates (in honor of our president).

I put these together not for my blog's gain or for any publicity but because I think this is important. Together we can prove that bloggers not only have a voice but an impact on the economy. We're strong and together people will feel the repercussions. Chavez had no right to step on our soil and insult our Commander in Chief. Democrat or Republican, those comments were inappropriate.

Stop supporting communism. Stop supporting anti-American countries. Stop supporting the Non-Aligned countries. No more Citgo. Be a Devil's Advocate.

If you'd like to join, please upload the respective image, code, and then email me at with your blog title and URL. I'll then confirm that you've uploaded the image & roll and then I'll add you to the blog. If you don't get an immediate response, have no fear, I'll get to everyone.

About the two images. I've posted these two that have dimensions of 200x200 pixels. Now, for most blogs, that might be a little big. If you want something smaller, just resize the image in your computer's photo editor. 144x144 is widely used but you can even go smaller. I'd upload smaller images to save you the trouble but of course, Blogger won't let me upload any more images.

Here's the code for BBCC (make sure to replace the parentheses with brackets and remove any breaks; there should be no large gaps in the code but my blogger template spreads it out.)

(script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="

Here's the code for DA (make sure to replace the parentheses with brackets and remove any breaks; there should be no large gaps in the code but my blogger template spreads it out.)

(script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I apologize for the late post, Time Warner Cable decided to have service issues for 72 hours.

Initially, I didn't feel the need to cover this story but after reading article upon article, I felt the need to comment. As we all know, B16 recently caused an uprising over a quote that he recited during a speech in Germany. As usual, the MSM has blown in it way out of proportion, causing some bloggers like Dad29 to believe that they are the real culprits.

By the MSM misquoting B16 and inferring something that wasn't said, the Moslem community is getting bad information and is lashing out. Now, I'm not justifying the reaction however, I too believe that media outlets like the AP and Reuters are both throwing gas on the fire. This has escalated to logarithmic levels and we're feeling the repercussions.

As usual, the Moslem population is taking it way out of proportion ignoring the context of the actual speech and beginning the usual murders, death threats, and effigy burning.

While B16 is apologizing for the reaction, he still stands firm on what he said. That's what I like to see. Some believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg for B16, as he is expected to ruffle more feathers in the years to come, not only outside the Church but inside as well.

B16 is expected to visit Turkey but what concerns me are the recent fatwas that have been issued over B16's remarks. I for one fear the worst. The Moslems are acting very inappropriately and with that said, I pledge my allegiance to both the Church and it's leaders - in this case B16. I hope this doesn't escalate further as the Islamofascists will suffer.

They claim to be the religion of peace, wanting dignity and respect, all the while killing, torturing, and harassing those who do not believe in Mahomet. It's kind of ridiculous how they can condemn the Jews and ostracize the Christians, while begging for acceptance and understanding.

Yet another Email Chain

I don't know who put this together but, they deserve a lot of credit.

Osama Bin Laden, your time is short; We'd rather you die, than come to court.

Why are you hiding if it was in God's name? You're just a punk with a turban; a pathetic shame.

I have a question, about your theory and laws; "How come you never die for the cause?"

Is it because you're a coward who counts on others? Well, here in America, we stand by our brothers.

As is usual, you failed in your mission; if you expected pure chaos, you can keep on wishing

Americans are now focused and stronger than ever; your death has become our next endeavor.

What you tried to kill, doesn't live in our walls; it's not in buildings or shopping malls.

If all of our structures came crashing down; it would still be there, safe and sound.

Because pride and courage can't be destroyed; even if the towers leave a deep void.

We'll band together and fill the holes. We'll bury our dead and bless their souls.

But then our energy will focus on you; and you'll feel the wrath of the Red, White and Blue.

To slither and hide like a snake in the grass; because America's coming to kick your ass!!!

Add a Caption

I apologize for the late post, Time Warner Cable decided to have service issues for 72 hours.

In the past here at NCT, we've had caption contests over pictures. I couldn't pass up this picture, there's a couple real good explanations out there.

I'll go political right away with mine...

"After months and months of barking, the United States had just about enough of Iran."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

All those Nights at the Tavern...

...are finally paying off.

People who consume alcohol earn significantly more at their jobs than non-drinkers, according to a US study that highlighted "social capital" gained from drinking.

The study published in the Journal of Labor Research Thursday concluded that drinkers earn 10 to 14 percent more than teetotalers, and that men who drink socially bring home an additional seven percent in pay.

"Social drinking builds social capital," said Edward Stringham, an economics professor at
San Jose State University and co-author of the study with fellow researcher Bethany Peters.

"Social drinkers are out networking, building relationships, and adding contacts to their BlackBerries that result in bigger paychecks."

The authors acknowledged their study, funded by the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank, contradicted research released in 2000 by the Harvard School of Public Health.

"We created our hypothesis through casual observation and examination of scholarly accounts," the authors said.

"Drinkers typically tend to be more social than abstainers."

The researchers said their empirical survey backed up the theory, and said the most likely explanation is that drinkers have a wider range of social contacts that help provide better job and business opportunities.

"Drinkers may be able to socialize more with clients and co-workers, giving drinkers an advantage in important relationships," the researchers said.

"Drinking may also provide individuals with opportunities to learn people, business, and social skills."

They also said these conclusions provide arguments against policies aimed at curbing alcohol use on university campuses and public venues.

"Not only do anti-alcohol policies reduce drinkers' fun, but they may also decrease earnings," the study said.

"One of the unintended consequences of alcohol restrictions is that they push drinking into private settings. This occurred during the Alcohol Prohibition of 1920-1933 and is happening on college campuses today. By preventing people from drinking in public, anti-alcohol policies eliminate one of the most important aspects of drinking: increased social capital."

The researchers found some differences in the economic effects of drinking among men and women. They concluded that men who drink earn 10 percent more than abstainers and women drinkers earn 14 percent more than non-drinkers.

However, unlike men, who get a seven percent income boost from drinking in bars, women who frequent bars at least once per month do not show higher earnings than women drinkers who do not visit bars.

"Perhaps women increase social capital apart from drinking in bars," the researchers said in an effort to explain the gender gap.

Maybe we should up our Drinking Right nights to three times per week...

China Continues to Silence the Media

Xinhua Defends Foreign Media Controls

BEIJING (AP) -- The official Xinhua News Agency defended controls on foreign news agencies' access to China's media market, saying it won't seek to profit from its new monopoly and promising that financial firms will continue to receive economic information.

In a statement late Wednesday, Xinhua said it "seeks no economic gains" from the regulations, which give it control over distribution in China of news, photos and other services from foreign agencies.

China paper suspends cartoonist for drawing Hu crying

HONG KONG (Reuters) - A newspaper in southern China has suspended a cartoonist after he drew a weeping Chinese President Hu Jintao, a Hong Kong newspaper reported on Thursday.

Depicting national leaders in cartoons is considered politically incorrect in China, although it is periodically done without repercussions, the South China Morning Post said.

But artist Kuang Biao's cartoon of a teary-eyed Hu replying to a letter from the daughter of a university professor who died from overwork aged 48 was regarded by mainland censors as unacceptable, the newspaper said.

HT: Drudge

YouTube abetting Islamic Propagandas

Interesting article in the Star Bulletin that has screen caps of American soldiers being sniped, blown up, and being attacked in Iraq.

I'm glad that YouTube, owned by the parent company of Fox News, is so pro-American.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Now, Some Serious Business

A member of BARC at the No PC Zone wrote an interesting piece on the inevitable conflict of the Islamofascists versus the soon-to-be-expanding Chinese. It's a must read.

Okay, One More

This one is stolen from Patrick who I believed stole from the Cook:

The Iranian Ambassador to the UN had just finished giving a speech, and walked out into the lobby where he met President Bush.

They shook hands, and as they walked the Iranian said, "You know, I have just one question about what I have seen in America."

President Bush said, "Well, anything I can do to help you, I will."

The Iranian whispered, "My son watches this show 'Star Trek' and in it there is Chekhov who is Russian, Scotty who is Scottish, and Sulu who is Chinese, but no Arabs. My son is very upset and doesn't understand why there aren't any Iranians on Star Trek.

President Bush laughed, leaned toward the Iranian ambassador, and whispered back, "It's because it takes place in the future."

On the lighter side...

Stolen directly from The Cook Shack:

The following 15 Police Comments were taken off actual police car videos around the country.

#15 "Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch after you wear them a while."

#14 "If you take your hands off the car, I'll make your birth certificate a worthless document."

#13 "If you run, you'll only go to jail tired."

#12 "Can you run faster than 1,200 feet per second? Because that's the speed of the bullet that'll be chasing you."

#11 "You don't know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want to on the ticket, huh?"

#10 "Yes, sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I'm the shift supervisor?"

#9 "Warning! You want a warning? O. K., I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll give you another ticket."

#8 "The answer to this last question will determine whether you are drunk or not. Was Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?"

#7 "Fair? You want me to be fair? Listen, fair is a place where you go to ride on rides, eat cotton candy and corn dogs, and step in monkey poop."

#6 "Yeah, we have a quota. Two more tickets and my wife gets a toaster oven."

#5 "In God we trust, all others we run through NCIC."

#4 "How big were those 'Just two beers' you say you had?"

#3 "No sir, we don't have quotas anymore. We used to, but now we're allowed to write as many tickets as we can."

#2 "I'm glad to hear that Chief (of Police) Hawker is a personal friend of yours. So you know someone who can post your bail."

The envelope please...


#1 "You didn't think we give pretty women tickets? You're right, we don't. Sign here."

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Tribute to Robert E. Russell

I've signed up for the 2996 project and have been assigned to pay tribute to Robert E. Russell. Below are a variety of excerpts on his life and family. May God bless him and all those that he has touched.

From what I've read, he was a great man to both his family and colleagues. Always dedicated to work and leisure, he seemed to have a bright future ahead of him. His spirit will live on in his family and he'll be missed.

The United States lost over 3,000 citizens that day and it is a shame that we lost a wonderful man like Robert E. Russell.

From the Washington Post:

"He loved to cook. People used to come over all the time to eat what he made. Nobody comes over to eat anymore. My own children didn't even come over to eat what I had cooked on Thanksgiving. It hurt my feelings a little, but he was the cook. He had lots of specialties."
- Teresa Russell, wife

Source: The Washington Post

Robert E. Russell

Robert E. Russell, 52, met his wife at her 16th birthday party. When he proposed to her four years later, he promised to buy her a large house with a white picket fence, take her to Paris and, in their eighties, sit together on their porch with their great-grandchildren.

"Every dream's come true, but not that last one," said Teresa Russell, 50, a human resources specialist at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Her husband, a civilian budgetary supervisor for the Army, worked at the Pentagon and hasn't been seen since the attack. He was born in Columbia, S.C., and raised in Capitol Heights and had received degrees from the University of Maryland and Boston University. He and his wife had three children: Cydne, 30, Robert, 28, and Valerie, 14.

On Friday evening, Teresa Russell sat in her multilevel home on Lindsay Road in Oxon Hill holding two of her six young grandchildren, and she thought of the days ahead. "How can I go back to work and concentrate when there's no closure?" she asked. "My husband's not even buried -- if he is, in fact, dead."

Russell got up from her living room sofa, looked at one of the dozens of pictures of her husband on the walls and smiled. His face, it seemed, brought her some peace.
-- Steven Gray


Robert E. Russell

At first, those who knew Robert E. Russell clung to the hope that--somehow--the veteran Army soldier would have found a way to survive after American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into his Pentagon office.

The 52-year-old civilian supervisory budget analyst and retired Army sergeant major worked in the outer ring of the building's first floor. One friend called him a survivor. His wife, Teresa, whom he met in high school, said her husband was open-hearted, vivacious, a prankster.

"He was that type of person, always keeping something going," she said.

After the crash, Russell's wife, children, grandchildren and friends gathered in the 18th Century home Russell had worked so hard to renovate in Oxon Hill, Md.

"You have to go with your first instinct of hope," said Wilmore Ritchie Jr., a longtime friend and fellow Army retiree who has camped out in the home with Russell's family. "Being that he's a soldier, you would think that he would have found some way."

The pastor notified the family two weeks after the attack.

Russell's body was identified by his fingerprints and his remains were flown to an Air Force casualty center for autopsy. Like the families of many other military victims of last week's terrorist acts, Russell's family plans to have him interred in Arlington National Cemetery.

All that remained now was to receive the body, said Ritchie, still waiting in Russell's house for his friend to come home.

"You couldn't even see this house from the road when he first got it," Ritchie said. "He was always in the process of doing something with it."

Other links:

The Arlington National Cemtery
University of Southern Alabama - Memorial Scholarship
September 11th Victims List