Thursday, November 09, 2006

And all the Kings Men...

Well, there is some house-cleaning going on, some voluntarily and some not. This is probably going to go on for a while and sadly, we may see some good people leave. I for one am not happy about Rumsfeld's leave, as I thought he was doing a fine job.

Now, it is being reported that Ken Mehlman plans on leaving the top spot of the Republican National Committee. Apparently, "...Mehlman, whose party lost both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections, will step down from his post when his two-year term ends in January, GOP officials said Thursday." This comes as a surprise because not only was he a strong leader but also because of his close relationship to Rove.

This isn't quite a resignation but we all know it's coming. Bolton's appointment is looking quite bleak with the control of both houses switching to the Democrats. He was never appointed to the UN ambassador role but only had a temporary position granted by Bush until congress reconvenes. If the Democrats get their way, which they will, Bolton will be unemployed.

I think the pins will keep falling until Dean goes back on his word...

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