Monday, October 23, 2006

Vote Yes

The reason for this post might seem simple but it's not. On November 7th, the citizens of Wisconsin will be voting on an amendment that will either fortify or destroy the "sanctity" of marriage. On the ballot, we're getting the choice of adding an amendment that will define husband and wife as male and female; eliminating the option of same-sex marriage.

Now, you all might think this is easy enough but you're mistaken. Fair Wisconsin is a group supporting gay marriage in Wisconsin and are currently running an ad campaign telling the voters that 'if they vote "no", nothing will change.'

Throughout the commercial, they imply the message that voting "no" will 'not change anything.' But in actuality, it changes all. Some believe that within minutes of the amendment not passing, same-sex marriage will be pushed through the courts.

As Christian conservatives, we must vote "yes" and pass the amendment which will define holy marriage as the union between "one man and one woman." As you might of noticed, I've uploaded an image with this message that will link back to Vote Yes to Marriage, an organization dedicated to keeping the marriage between one man and one woman. Wisconsinites, spread the word and feel free to use the image and link.

Pray for the success of this amendment.

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