Friday, December 15, 2006

Scott Macleod & Mahmoud-Monkey Ahmadinejad: Love at first sight

Sorry for the disappearing act, I'm recovering from a dreadful cold and a dreadful week of the "news". It's hard to blog on the constant assault of our troops, administration, and Commander-in-Chief. It's even harder to blog when our "press" fastidiously recognizes the enemy.

Continuously we hear stories of troop distress, Pelosi-purging, and anti-American sentiment. It's a challenge to weed through it all but more importantly, try and promote the truth so the uninformed public does know. These are truly trying times.

And then I read this.

Ahmadinejad's Ambitions
In an exclusive interview, the Iranian President - and Person of the Year candidate - discusses his conference questioning the Holocaust, his letter to the American people and the state of his nuclear plans

I am sick and tired of these "reporters" that are sympathizing with the enemy:

Ahmadinejad was as spirited as ever - answering questions with questions ("Do you not believe in God?"), correcting the interpreter's translations (he understands some English but prefers not to speak it) and laughing when he felt he had scored a rhetorical point.

I am sick and tired of these "reporters" asking unobtrusive, easy questions to tyrants:

"Why did you write your recent letter to the American people?"
"Was this a public relations exercise to improve your image, or do you really want a dialogue with the United States?"
"The Baker-Hamilton commission recommended the U.S. initiate a dialogue with you. If the Bush Administration reached out to Iran, are you ready to talk to President Bush now?"

This type of interview where an anti-Semitic, murdering dictator is put on a pedestal instead of being questioned on his Jew-hating, Islamofascist ideals. Bush, Cheney, and any current politician is virtually harassed and verbally assaulted by the press while tyrannical enemies are being indulged and praised.

The 21st century media is a joke.

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