Monday, February 27, 2006

Affirmative Action, EOE, & Racial Profiling

Apparently the liberal ideology has abandoned a staple of their agenda. When you consider the UAE-port deal (or portgate as the liberals have coined it), they’ve deserted their ideals.

Let’s look at the situation… The UAE has offered a promising bid to operate our seaports. They’ve undoubtedly been considered a prime candidate and happen to be of Arabic descent. Now, the liberals want to judge the company solely on their race. I call that racial profiling. We can’t profile during airplane security checkpoints but we can when it comes to employment?!? Go figure; flip flopping all the way to the 2006 elections.

Affirmative action and EOE is also being ignored. We should consider minority candidates and in this case, the liberals are denying ‘employment’ due to the creed and color of the company. This is just some of the irony of the Democratic Party; this kind of “do as I say and not as I do” attitude.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

UAE Port Authority Debate

This is an extraction from an article that is quite harsh on Bush but I can agree with some of the logic here. This isn't the time to be PC or delicate with who's running our ports. My bottom-line: the UAE should have nothing to do with it. I don't care what the reasoning is, let's not take any more chances. Don't get me wrong, I think the author is definitely dense but as they say 'The sun shines on a dog's ass every once in a while:


Recognize those words, Mr. President? You should, because you uttered them immediately after the 9/11 attacks. And, that's why I now question your recent approval of the outsourcing of our port security to an Arab nation that funded the 9/11 hijackers.

Need proof of the financial assistance provided by the UAE to the 9/11 hijackers? Then, perhaps, you should review the Moussaoui indictment laid out by the United States Justice Department. And first, remember that Moussaoui is the ONLY terrorist that we are currently "bringing to justice" (since you have yet to capture Bin Laden "dead or alive"). And, hopefully with all your recent arrogant, assumed Absolute Executive Powers, you might even persuade Attorney General Gonzales (you know, the guy who runs the Justice Department) to actually read the Moussaoui indictment, as well, since he also thinks this Dubai Deal passes the smell test.

Specifically, you and Gonzales should read the following counts in the Moussaoui indictment:

21. On or about June 29, 2000, $4,790 was wired from the United Arab Emirates ("UAE") to Marwan al-Shehhi (#175) in Manhattan.

22. On or about July 19, 2000, $9,985 was wired from UAE into a Florida SunTrust bank account in the names of Mohammed Atta (#11) and Marwan al-Shehhi (#175).

24. On or about August 7, 2000, $9,485 was wired from UAE into a Florida SunTrust bank account in the names of Mohammed Atta (#11) and Marwan al-Shehhi (#175).

25. On or about August 30, 2000, $19,985 was wired from UAE into a Florida SunTrust bank account in the names of Mohammed Atta (#11) and Marwan al-Shehhi (#175).

26. On or about September 18, 2000, $69,985 was wired from UAE into a Florida SunTrust bank account in the names of Mohamed Atta (#11) and Marwan al-Shehhi (#175).

61. On July 18, 2001, Fayez Ahmed (#175) gave power of attorney to Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi for Fayez Ahmed's Standard Chartered Bank accounts in UAE.

62. On July 18, 2001, using his power of attorney, Al-Hawsawi picked up Fayez Ahmed's VISA and ATM cards in UAE.

63. Between July 18 and August 1, 2001, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi caused Fayez Ahmed's VISA and ATM cards to be shipped from UAE to Fayez Ahmed in Florida. (The VISA card was then used for the first time on August 1, 2001, in Florida.) Jarrah (#93) Travels to Germany
66. On or about July 30 and 31, 2001, in Hamburg, Germany, Ramzi Bin al-Shibh, using the name "Ahad Sabet," received two wire transfers, totaling approximately $15,000, from "Hashim Abdulrahman" in UAE.

76. On or about August 22, 2001, Fayez Ahmed (#175) used his VISA card in Florida to obtain approximately $4,900 cash, which had been deposited into his Standard Chartered Bank account in UAE the day before.

87. On or about September 3, 2001, in Hamburg, Germany, Ramzi Bin al-Shibh, using the name "Ahad Sabet," received approximately $1500 by wire transfer from "Hashim Ahmed" in UAE.
88. On or about September 4, 2001, Mohammed Atta (#11) sent a FedEx package from Florida to UAE.

90. On or about September 6, 2001, Satam al-Suqami (#11) and Abdulaziz Alomari (#11) flew from Florida to Boston. The Hijackers Return Excess Money to Al-Hawsawi in UAE.

92. On or about September 8, 2001, an Arab male retrieved the package from Mohammed Atta (#11) at FedEx in Dubai, UAE.

93. On September 8, 2001, Mohammed Atta (#11) wired $2,860 to "Mustafa Ahmed" in UAE.

94. On September 8, 2001, Mohammed Atta (#11) wired $5,000 to "Mustafa Ahmed" in UAE.

95. On September 9, 2001, Waleed M. al-Shehri (#11) wired $5,000 to "Ahamad Mustafa" in UAE.

96. On September 10, 2001, Marwan al-Shehhi (#175) wired $5,400 to "Mustafa Ahmad" in UAE.

97. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, approximately $16,348 was deposited into Al-Hawsawi's Standard Chartered Bank account.

98. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, at about 9:22 a.m. local time (the early morning hours of Eastern Daylight Time), Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi moved approximately $6,534 from the $8,055 in Fayez Ahmed's (#175) Standard Chartered Bank account into his own account, using a check dated September 10, 2001 and signed by Fayez Ahmed; Al-Hawsawi then withdrew approximately $1,361, nearly all the remaining balance in Ahmed's account, by ATM cash withdrawal.

99. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, approximately $40,871 was prepaid to a VISA card connected to Al-Hawsawi's Standard Chartered Bank account.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

VRWC Proved!!!

Article for print in tomorrow's newspaper:

George W. Bush with brother Jeb are now being considered for investigation over the numerous prisoner abuse allegations in the Florida boot camp system. Apparently, the two Bush brothers were working together to spread the violence of this current Administration. An insider who wished to remain anonymous stated, “This is obviously the work of the vast right-wing conspiracy to abuse these misunderstood gang members.”

These allegations began after a “misunderstood” teenager died after being beaten by guards. Of course, the medical examiner “botched” the report stating that the only thing that actually killed the kid was a rare blood disorder. “It’s apparent in the video that the guards beat him to death” said a witness, “granted there was no audio to hear anything but I’m sure President Bush was prompting this beating via megaphone.”

This comes months after the Guatanamo Bay scandal in which President Bush resided over the inmates as they were being tortured. “These acts are undoubtedly one in the same,” claims our insider. “Abuse like this isn’t some random act actually committed by the guards. The people committing the acts were definitely forced to do this by our President – all part of the ‘culture of corruption.’”

Let’s chalk this up as one more scandal that the President and this Administration is a part of. “It’s actually coming to the point where this Administration is just outright trying to kill people {implying of the recent assassination attempt of Whittington by VP Cheney}.” said our source. “This ‘culture of corruption’ has gone too far and now it’s time for an impeachment hearing. How can anyone deny all of these events?”

Friday, February 17, 2006

$1,000,000 to Kill Cartoonist

Pakistani clerics offering bounties for the head of the cartoonist that 'defamed' Muhammad. Read whole article here.

Thanks to AP for photo.

Now that's more like it!

Compliments of Al at the Catskill Chronicle:


Sorry excuse for a retort:

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I don't care if you're a Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, whatever. This article is a must read.

Thank you Born Again Redneck for "pointing" me towards this article.

Capt. Dipshit of the Boob Squad Speaks Again

The MSM got lucky and was able to sweep the real news under the rug and instead, the MSM is on a ‘death watch’ of the accidental shooting of Harry Whittington. The real news is on our ex-Vice President, Al Gore.

He was recently in Saudi Arabia bashing the US and how we ‘mishandled’ suspects following the 9/11 tragedy. To the largely Arab audience (mostly taught at US universities, I might add) Gore is reported to saying:

"Unfortunately there have been terrible abuses and it's wrong," Gore said. "I do want you to know that it does not represent the desires or wishes or feelings of the majority of the citizens of my country."

I don’t think that that is true at all. The majority of the US voted for Bush and these mistreatments were exaggerated fallacies. Who’s to say that the citizens agree with Gore and not with Bush?

The best part of the story is what happens next. Yes, the Saudis agreed with him but they begin questioning our relationship with Israel. Gore declined to comment. The man can comment on anything but when it actually comes down to defending the country or offending his audience, he refuses. His reply to the inquisitors:

“We can't solve that long conflict in exchanges here."

It gets better! Peter Robinson, vice chairman of Chevron Corp, was there also making claims against the Bush Administration. If you recall, Bush promised a cut in dependency of Middle Eastern oil of 75% by the year 2025. This is what Robinson had to say:

"This notion of being energy independent is completely unreasonable," Robertson said at the economic forum, which opened Saturday.

"I believe Middle Eastern oil can and must play a certain role in the system," Robertson said. "Saudi Arabia's massive resources will continue to promote international energy security and serve as a moderating force in balancing supply and demand."

Boy, all these liberals claim that Bush has got a hand in the princes’ pockets but it looks like Chevron is really digging in there. In my eyes, both Gore and Robinson are traitors to the US. This kind of Bush/US bashing is ridiculous and must stop. This type of turmoil shows weakness to the enemy and both Hussein and Bin Laden want us to fight amongst each other. This is a time for cohesion not separation.

HT: Yahoo news

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

WMDs are in Syria

Saddam moved over 56 planes full of WMDs to Syria two weeks prior to the start of the war claims Ali Ibrahim al-Tikriti, a southern commander of Hussein during the 1980’s. It doesn’t surprise me at all that this was done and we can’t really do anything about it. Invading Syria would be the last option we have - something we can’t do with the already over-extended troop situation. Bush got bamboozled and now it really makes him look worse in the eyes of his opposition.

Taken from an article on WND:

"After Saddam denied he had such weapons, why would he use them or leave them readily available to be found?" he said. "That would only legitimize President Bush, who he has a personal grudge against."

What we are witnessing now, he said, "is many who opposed the war to begin with are rallying around Saddam saying we overthrew a sovereign leader based on a lie about WMD. This is exactly what Saddam wanted and predicted."

al-Tikriti also notes that there was a direct correlation between Hussein and al-Qaeda. It was known that Hussein supported terrorism whenever possible, even though quite hard to prove. These comments aren’t the first to arise on this, making this possibility more believable.

I am confident that this has happened and Bush is only being ostracized for his ‘no tolerance for terrorism’ policy. Hopefully Syria gets nervous and makes a mistake by either exposing the hidden weapons or coming clean. Either way, Hussein is out of power making the world a safer place.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Please do not read if you are sensitive to Religious Reference:

In Deltona Beach, FL, officials have removed three famous paintings from display because they have slight references to Christianity. Lloyd Marcus, a wonderful African-American painter, had his art displayed at City Hall and now, three paintings have been removed. All three, similar to the one above, have minor implications of religion so officials felt the need to take them off display.

There has been no complaints about them being up but once they were removed, people then got upset. Some blacks pointed out the importance of religion in their lives and how that was an important piece of their history.

This has gone too far. It's ridiculous to think that Marcus' paintings can't all be shown because some depict religion. Absolute absurdity.

HT: World Net Daily

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wrong Way Alito

In his first decision, Alito went against the "grain" of Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas in an execution appeal. He was the deciding factor to stop the execution of Michael Taylor under the grounds that the lethal injection is "cruel and unusual punishment." Now, that is ridiculous - a pin prick? Cruel and unusual? Also note the gravity of the crime - Taylor kidnapped, raped, and killed a 15-yr old girl. He then admitted to the act.

Furthermore, the 10th amendment protects the rights of the states and carrying out executions.

In his defense, two other cases in Florida were just "stayed." That way, he can say that he is following other court decisions - it's a stretch but some can consider him upholding the Constitution.

Think about it... rape and murder vs. a pin prick? Tough one.

Thanks to Iowa Presidential Watch for the great politicartoon.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Letter from Senator Kennedy

This is a direct quote from one of my favorite blogs, Blame Bush!. It's actually a "letter" written by Sen. "Glug-Glug" Kennedy prior to the inevitable confirmation of Samuel Alioto, or is it Alito?

Barring a miracle, Samuel Alito will be confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States this Tuesday. Roe v. Wade will be repealed, and the clock will effectively be turned back 50 years to a time when women were herded like cattle into back alley abortion clinics and beaten with the King James Bible until they miscarried. Affirmative Action will be scrapped. Blacks will be thrown back into chains. Cub Scouts will go from door to door, spreading their message of hate and intolerance. There will be a bug in every telephone, a nativity scene in every park, and a heterosexual in every Showtime drama series. Dr. King's dream of justice and equality will succomb to George Bush’s Great American Nightmare.

I’ve tried pleading with congressional Republicans. I’ve tried threatening them with a filibuster. I’ve even tried rolling around on the floor of the Senate until I got my way. Unfortunately, the close-minded conservatives who control Congress will simply not respond to reason. Therefore, I have no choice but to appeal to their primitive, apelike instinct for protecting the lives of children over the rights of the mother.

For every vote cast this Tuesday in favor of confirming Judge Alito, I, Senator Edward Kennedy, will eat one small child...

To read the rest of this hilarious letter, click here. Thank you Blame Bush!

"Let me propose another course. Put Hamas on probation."

Buchanan insists that we should not cut off aid to Palestine. He explains that by promoting elections in the Middle East, we should support the decisions of these citizens. He makes a good point. We shouldn’t immediately abandon a country after they choose their leader, because when Hamas fails, it’ll inevitably be our fault.

Make Hamas responsible for continuing the aid. And make Hamas responsible for terminating it, if it comes to that.

This way, we aren’t the bad guys to the Palestinians, the Hamas is. We need to consider the backlash to these kinds of decisions. Yes, Israel will be upset with us but if they look past the initial results and look at the long-term effect, they might reconsider. One must note that:

For it has been Israel's behavior, and uncritical U.S. support for that behavior, that produced this victory for Hamas. To continue on that road is to arrive at, literally, a dead end.

Secondly, the Hamas will fail on their own and when they do, it will reverberate in the next election. When our aid doesn’t reach its citizens, then we cut them off. When the aid is used against Israel, then we cut them off.

For almost a year, Hamas has held to a truce with Israel and not engaged in attacks. Let America and Europe send word that if the truce holds, if Hamas does not attack Israeli civilians, if Hamas show its first concern is, as it claims, bettering the life of the Palestinian people, we will let the aid flow. But if Hamas reignites the war, we will not finance the war. We will terminate the aid.

If we do, they’ll seek aid elsewhere:

What will Hamas do? Hamas will accept the cut-off of aid, seek money from the Saudis and Iranians, do their best to keep the Palestinian people fed, clothed, housed and educated, and sacrifice for their people. And Hamas will fail. And when they fail, whom do we think will be blamed? When the Palestinian people have been broken because they voted the wrong way, whom do we think they will hate?

They’ll hate us unless the Hamas beats themselves up. Hamas will make their own bed and lie in it. We’ll be there to pick up the pieces and help the Palestinians through the next election.

Bush has unleashed a revolution in the Middle East, and it is everywhere bringing to power Islamic fundamentalists. Either we deal with them, or fight them or get out of the Middle East.

I vote to deal with them and let them fail on their own or succeed as civilized, democratic nations. Once they get a true taste of democracy and freedom, things will change.