Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More smoke and mirrors from the Left.

I was listening to both Limbaugh and Belling (local conservative talk-show host) this afternoon and they were both really on target about the current liberal ad campaigns. As of yesterday, I thought that the ad deception of the left was perhaps a small problem but now we're learning that it's national. Apparently the new ad agency for the liberal agenda believe the most effective way to acquire a vote is to trick the audience into it.

Yesterday, I covered the vote "No" agenda that was confusing viewers in the current Wisconsin marriage amendment. This ad totally deceived the viewer into the wrong vote on claims that 'nothing will change.' Now we learn that as of late, many states have had ad campaigns done by PAC groups that are trying to deceive their viewers. This new tactic seems to be a popular trend and is happening in more than a few states on more than one situation.

Limbaugh and Belling points out the most prominent case being the lies of Michael J Fox, in both Maryland, Wisconsin, and about thirty other states (as of this posting). Fox is claiming that if we support stem-cell research candidates, we're saving his life. He apparently implies that we're 'special' to him because our states care about saving lives. Apparently, Fox believes that stem-cell research is a life-saving practice. Now in actuality, stem-cell research (or the killing of life) hasn't produced any evidence towards stopping diseases. Stem-cell research has only proved to take the lives of the embryos tested.

Furthermore, Fox is insinuating another bold-faced lie. Most Republicans support stem-cell research, including the funding of it with tax dollars. Generally, they don't believe in funding new embryonic studies. Researchers have found stem-cells in both adult bodies and in the umbilical cord of the infant following birth, sufficing the need of the tests. The problem is, liberals still want to kill new embryos and Republicans don't want to support that with our tax dollars. So is the case for Green (Republican candidate for WI governor). Fox's ad is implying that Green is anti-stem-cell research when really, that's far from the case.

Granted, I expect nothing more from the liberal agenda but I didn't think outright ad deception was a national effort. One would think that these types of efforts wouldn't be condoned, much less allowed to happen.

Gayle put it best in the comments of yesterday's post, "they know the only way they can get it passed is by fooling the public." They can't win with the facts so they lie to try and get their way into office.

Liberal lies make my blood boil.

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