Thursday, November 16, 2006

Red China Threatening the Freedom of Taiwan

As expected, China is beginning to stockpile an arsenal aimed at Taiwan in an apparent effort to take back the country once under Chinese rule. The World Tribune reports:

China continues its planning to invade Taiwan and now has more than 900 missile targeted on the island, Taiwanese officials said last week.

"Despite China's impressive economic rise, it has become more authoritarian, posing a grave threat to our sovereignty and abusing human rights like never before," Taiwanese President Chen Shuibian said.

Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Joseph Wu also said in Taipei that China is a threat and has supported some of the world's most notorious violators of human rights.

Chinese missiles are located in five bases in nearby Fujian Province. Additionally, China now has 11 military satellites in orbit.

As mentioned before, this was totally expected but the bigger problem is our vow to the Taiwanese people. We've promised to protect their freedom at all costs and I'm curious to see what Red China intends to do about this. With the imminent battle ahead, does China give up a lucrative country like us to control a smaller area of land?

China has flexed it's muscles in the past but these types of military moves only shows their true intentions. We need the help of Japan, SKorea, and Australia to persuade China against this move.

In related news, Chinese President Jintao intends on helping Pakistan build nuclear power plants. Read the full Reuters article here.


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