Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I apologize for the late post, Time Warner Cable decided to have service issues for 72 hours.

Initially, I didn't feel the need to cover this story but after reading article upon article, I felt the need to comment. As we all know, B16 recently caused an uprising over a quote that he recited during a speech in Germany. As usual, the MSM has blown in it way out of proportion, causing some bloggers like Dad29 to believe that they are the real culprits.

By the MSM misquoting B16 and inferring something that wasn't said, the Moslem community is getting bad information and is lashing out. Now, I'm not justifying the reaction however, I too believe that media outlets like the AP and Reuters are both throwing gas on the fire. This has escalated to logarithmic levels and we're feeling the repercussions.

As usual, the Moslem population is taking it way out of proportion ignoring the context of the actual speech and beginning the usual murders, death threats, and effigy burning.

While B16 is apologizing for the reaction, he still stands firm on what he said. That's what I like to see. Some believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg for B16, as he is expected to ruffle more feathers in the years to come, not only outside the Church but inside as well.

B16 is expected to visit Turkey but what concerns me are the recent fatwas that have been issued over B16's remarks. I for one fear the worst. The Moslems are acting very inappropriately and with that said, I pledge my allegiance to both the Church and it's leaders - in this case B16. I hope this doesn't escalate further as the Islamofascists will suffer.

They claim to be the religion of peace, wanting dignity and respect, all the while killing, torturing, and harassing those who do not believe in Mahomet. It's kind of ridiculous how they can condemn the Jews and ostracize the Christians, while begging for acceptance and understanding.

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Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I am incredulous when you watch this response and the response to the cartoons. And the liberals want us to "engage more" with these people, yah, that'll work!!