Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iranian President Douche Bag Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Well, bluff or not, we need to take action. Iran, probably the biggest threat the United States ever, has now officially enriched uranium. The public debate is now heated over the talks of failed diplomacy and an inevitable attack option. Yahoo says it quite clearly:

"It seems likely that precision airstrikes could set Iran's nuclear program back at least a year and perhaps several. Whether that delay is worth the probable consequences - the strengthening of a despotic regime within Iran and the increased likelihood of terrorism in nearby Iraq and the broader region - is what's at issue."

We need to concern ourselves with the imminent backlash, considering the Middle East region and how they respond to America.

"Surely, Iran would retaliate through a more aggressive terrorism campaign, he and others say, and with US troops close at hand in Iraq, they could become the first targets. Iran could also try to close the narrow Strait of Hormuz - through which all Persian Gulf traffic, including oil tankers, must pass."

It something to be considered but by no means should we base our fate on who will we offend (liberal premise). I for one feel we need to eliminate President Douche Bag Mahmoud Ahmadinejad immediately, otherwise Israel or the US will suffer drastically. Granted, I don't think the "nuclear option" is actually an option but either way, we need to cook them.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm worthless!

Well, its not that bad but I'm more impressed with the site. Someone's got alot of time on their hands...

The Fantasy Blog Stock Market Report for Neo-Con* Tastic

Illegals Fly American Flags

Remember during the last round of protests, how it was hard to find an American flag in the crowd? All you could see was red, white, and green. Remember how that was the talk of the specualtors? How the illegals didn't even show signs of loyalty. They flew Mexican flags with protests signs showing Aztlan. Well that all changed during this last round of protests. Did you notice how all of the new AP pics are all American flag-waving immigrants? Wow, what a change of heart! I knew they'd come around. All of them looked so patriotic, let the be heard! Anyone want to speak first?

Well, word on the street is that this was all planned. Immigration groups, democrats, and other organizations actually went out and purchased thousands of flags for the immigrants to fly - showing their "true" colors. This way, when all of the unintelligent voters see the new pictures, all they see is a bunch of hard-working, completely loyal people. All I see is deceptive marketing. These protest groups want the American population to see loyalists that want to raise their families in the United States. I see illegal immigrants that can't speak English and have no regard for sovereignty or our citizens' rights.

This is what I want to do... I want to get a news team into one of these massive rallies and begin doing interviews with all of these great patriots. I want to interview each and every one of them and see how they really feel about America. Here's how I envision it going:

Me to first protester: I see you're waving an American flag, are you pledging allegiance?

First protester: Que?!?

Me to first protester: Habla engles?

First protester: No!

Me to next protester: You came over here illegaly, prove to us why you'd be a good-standing citizen considering you've already broken numerous laws?

Second protester: No. No.

Me to second protester: No what?

Second protester: *Shakes his head as he waves his "American" flag. Mutters something in mexican.*

Me to group: Does anyone here speak English?!?

That's pretty much how I see it going in my head. Now, I might come off drastic, cruel, or even racist but my point is - look at the mess we made. We let this go on for the last dozen years or so and look what happened. We have a huge mess on our hands and our politicians can't even vote on it. I'm going to give you my bottom line: Lock up the borders with a fence and start rounding up the felons, I'll even volunteer. Let's not condone criminal behavior, let's put them in line like all of the good-standing immigrants.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Could this be....

Bush is threatening a veto. I repeat, Bush is threatening with a veto. I'm impressed. Breitbart reports:

"In over five years in office, Bush has never vetoed any bill. But he said that restraining spending was crucial to cutting the deficit in half by 2009 as he has promised. "If necessary, I will enforce spending restraint through the exercise of the veto," the president said."

Excuse my language but its about damn time. We've been spending like drunken sailors and it must stop. Granted, the economy is booming and unemployment is at a low, that doesn't mean that it's okay for the government to spend. Republicans and conservatives must be fiscally-sound and that is far from the case in the five years. My biggest disappointment in Bush is his spending habits but this might be his turning point.

By threatening veto, he's apparently showing that he does want to cut the deficit in half by 2009 like he promised. I feel we need substantial changes in government spending to do this. We can potentially alleviate this deficit and show the strength of the Republican party. By cutting spending and making the tax cuts permanent, I think the party will gain more trust and potentially sweep 2006.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The War within our Borders

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard an interview with a GOP representative about illegal immigration. He explained that the biggest problem is that the Republican base all wants the same thing - tighter border security, removal of the 11 million illegals, and no amnesty. The party, however, has other intentions.
The Republicans in office and our President included, are ignoring the base and are pushing for amnesty guest worker programs that won't solve the problem. They are ignoring us because they think they'll lose the Hispanic vote. The problem is, we really never had one to begin with. Our own party is disregarding our request.
We need to take advantage of our position of power while we still have it. If something happens in 2006 and we lose control, then all 11 million will be exonerated. I'm not saying that it will happen but we need to take care of business now.

I also visited this site entitled We Hate Gringos - a scary site that is a must see. I've taken a couple quotes from the site to emphasize the severity of the problem:

"We are the majority; we claim this land as ours. It's always been ours and none of this talk about deporting; if anyone is going to be deported it's going to be you."

"Al Zakari the gringo killer. Yes. Yes."

"Remember 1846 - 1848."

"Go back to Europe. This is our country. Go back to England."

"White racists - this is our country."

"Too bad Osama Bin Laden didn't have a hydrogen bomb to blow up that Jewish
Shit Hole Manhattan
[emphasis added]."
This goes to show what the real growing problem is in this country. Forget about politics, forget about the economy, and look at the population change. Look at the hatred that these people have. This problem cannot be ignored; our children will suffer the consequences.

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