Friday, November 03, 2006

More Saddam Sympathizers

I've just grabbed the first few paragraphs of an article covering the Hussein trial that I noticed had a slant in favor of Hussein. This was reported on and was written by Ibon Villelabeitia and Ahmed Rasheed.

"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Three years after he gave himself up to American soldiers without firing a shot, Saddam Hussein may be condemned to hang on Sunday if an Iraqi court finds him guilty of crimes against humanity."

I don't recall anyone 'giving himself' up; we caught him in a foxhole hiding. I'm sure he would've went down in a blaze of glory if he had remembered his AK-47.

"The final act of Saddam's year-old first trial, the verdict is the high point of a historic, U.S.-sponsored experiment in international justice intended to unite Iraqis in exorcising three decades of rule by the former president, accused of mass killing and torture to keep power over Iraq's disparate people."

I love the term they use here: "U.S.-sponsored experiment." Yes, we experimented to see what would happen if we ousted the 'butcher of Baghdad' from power. We're actually applying for a grant on this experiment.

"If convicted, Saddam faces death by hanging, a prospect Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with some disregard for judicial independence, has said cannot come soon enough."

Considering what happened, I don't see any problem with the PM looking forward to this case being finalized. It's not uncommon for presidential denouncements to murderers.

This is just another case of sympathizers to the Iraqi cause. It's utterly repulsive to read this "news."

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