Friday, September 23, 2005

Oil Cronies and Oil War my Ass

Natural causes are the real reason behind the high oil prices, not W nor my hair spray. This map, compliments of Glenn Beck's website, shows exactly why oil prices are reaching record highs. Now some of this blame goes to the 'top-off' gangs. Also, some of the big oil distributors could ease up on their profit margins (I know what you're thinking, Capitalism hurts), but I blame two women: Katrina and Rita.

For a more detailed look and some interesting facts check out:


Dad29 said...

Actually, gasoline Up Here went down from $2.99/$3.10 all the way to around $2.70--and is still there today (9/25.)

I 'spect it to pop a bit next week.

Clownpuncher said...

Wow, $2.70 is a dream. Was $3.09 today and has been there for about 2 weeks. By the way Neo, I am back! To He** with em.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that last year at this time it cost W ~ $3,500 per hour on Air Force One?

This year it has cost ~ $6,300 per hour, I dont know if you knew that but I thought I would tell you that.

This comes out after his 7th time going to a hurricane destructed city on Air Force One and after he told the rest of us regular joes to "drive less."

Assume each flight is 1 hour at least. Do the math genious.

"Taxation w/o representation"

Neo-Con Tastic said...

"Do the math genious."

Here you are sarcastically calling me a genius. Hmmmm. Let's re-evaluate your spelling before calling the kettle black, facetiously, of course.