Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'm Getting Nervous

For starters, I would like to say that William Rehnquist was probably one of the greatest justices to ever grace the bench. God rest his soul and my deepest condolences for his family. He was a great man and wonderful state's rights advocate. With that said, I am worried about Bush's decision. I've heard that John Roberts will now be up for the Chief Justice position and that would be great. Rehnquist was a mentor to Roberts and what better man to take the place.

I was watching the news yesterday and couldn't believe that the MSM was actually speculating that Bush would nominate O'Connor to come back and be the Chief Justice. What? Did you guys forget something? Maybe her resignation? Get over her, she's done. Face it guys, you lost a team-player and now we get two. This is a good day for the administration.

My concern is over Bush's next pick. Bush is one of very few presidents that actually gets to choose two justices for the big SC. I'm just worried that to satisfy the liberals, he'll pick someone relatively moderate that s/he will explode in his face. If Bush was smart, he'd actually wait till Robert's cleared the committee hearings and was approved before he offered up the next nominee. That way, the democrats won't be able to 'threaten' or slow down Robert's hearings. I can't wait for more MSM speculation on the color, sex, creed, origin, age, and orientation of the next nominee. I thought the liberals were EOE advocates but let the games begin!

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

O'Connor is back temporarily.... He is considering appointees to replace her again. She isn't being re-nominated. Roberts for chief is the right move because he can make it through. After that, we can worry about his next pick.