Thursday, September 29, 2005

Franken and Gang getting Greedy

World Net Daily posted a great article on the demise of Air America. It just goes to show that we (Republicans) are not the minority. Over the last decade, democrats have continuously tried to usurp Limbaugh from his throne to no avail. No man could take on the "Talent on loan from God."

Really, it’s nothing against democrats or their views (well…maybe), but I think it’s their lack of substance. Their arguments are designed only to condescend and criminalize Republicans, not pose contrary options.

-Where do Democrats stand on the war in Iraq?
-What’s their big and better idea?

-Where do Democrats stand on the war on terror?
-How can they fight a better battle?

What do Democrats want to do with the failing Social Security system?
Did they think of a reasonable alternative?

Would they have responded to Hurricane Katrina faster?
What would they have done differently?

That’s just a few, I could go on. Did Al Franken really think he could out do Limbaugh? Do you think a comedian could talk politics? What about Garofalo? Big winner there, or should I say whiner. Neither Franken nor Garofalo has ever posed a plan to back up their insults - not that I recall. World Net Daily predicts Air America gone with six months (unless Soros intervenes); I give Air America two months until the end.

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