Friday, September 30, 2005

Boca Raton Community High School Gives Thumbs Up to Profanity!

Boca Raton has decided to lessen the ‘sentence’ when a student is caught swearing. Boca Raton stated that because students look to TV for learning grammar and etiquette (yes, you read that right), they find it appropriate to let the children swear according to Schnitt on his afternoon radio broadcast. Swearing like their favorite "Friends" stars is apparently how to express anger, disappointment, and joy as opposed to normal, acceptable words.

"Shit, I forgot my books!" would’ve have called for a severe penalty at the old, uncool school while the new, hip school will let them off the hook with a minor in-school suspension. However, if the student uses the inappropriate words inappropriately, they will be penalized (that hurts my brain).

"As long as you're not saying it in a hostile way, you're just giving your opinion," freshman Mallory Bauer said. "People say 'Oh, damn, I forgot my homework.' These words aren't that bad to me."

Umm, yea. Sure, this is exactly the point of entitlement. It seems as if Mallory believes that Mallory is in charge, Mallory should dictate the rules. I bet you if you asked Mallory who John Roberts is, she’d probably say, "like…. Is that one of those damned Beatles?"

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Politically Incorrect Mom said...

1. Students look to tv for grammar and etiquette? Really, I thought that was the parents and SCHOOL'S job to teach those things.

2. It's just another example of how we've become so unaffected by what we see and hear every day that we've forgotten how much of it is inappropriate, immoral and outrageous.

When I was a little girl, television didn't ALLOW underwear commercials. I'm only 38 - so this wasn't THAT long ago. Now the Victoria's Secret ads are what we would have called pornography when I was a kid. Eventually, it will be o.k. to have sex at school - as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone else who happens to be there to get an education.

It wouldn't matter if my kid's school allowed profanity - they would still get their mouth washed out with dish soap if I found out about it and they are much more fearful of me than they are of the principal. :O)

G said...


How about this, "fuck 'em"