Monday, September 19, 2005

Devil's Law Firm

After writing the blog on the NFL and ACLU, I felt the need to go into more detail on how the ACLU is destroying the moral fabric of the US. The Anti-Christian Lawyers Union has be demoralizing our children, defending perverts, and promoting liberalism. They are dangerous to the United States and should be stopped. Let me just list a few of the ACLU’s recent cases and viewpoints:

-Promoted a child nudist camp in Virginia called "White Tail Park." The park, geared to 12 – 17 year olds, wanted parents banned from entering and the ACLU came to the defense of the park; promoting the child’s right to privacy.

-In Kentucky (2005) the ACLU defended a school that offered "Sexual Orientation Classes" and "Gay/Straight Alliances." The parents wanted a class promoting abstinence education and were denied.

-Florida (2005), a 13-year-old child wanted an abortion and the parents wouldn’t let her. The ACLU stepped in and sued the parents for an invasion of privacy.

-On numerous occasions, the ACLU has defended Internet child pornography and defended pedophiles on where they could be, joining church groups and hanging out in public parks. In one situation the ACLU defended a pervert saying that ‘he was allowed to be in public parks and if he had sexual fantasies or thoughts about the children, that was allowed because of his right to privacy.’

-The ACLU has literally eliminated Boy Scouts from using certain public properties.

-The ACLU has taken filters off public library computers, allowing children to experience the Internet and sexually explicit websites.

-Recently had a coach removed from a team of youths for praying with them before games.

-Currently, the ACLU is defending the artist who created the memorial in Pennsylvania that looks like the Islamic symbol: the Red Crescent.

Those are just a few of the examples of how the ACLU is corrupting the United States. On another note, Ruth Bader Ginsburg actually worked with the ACLU in an attempt to lower the age to 12 of consent to have sex. The United States Supreme Court actually has an ACLU confidant in one of its seats thanks to good, old slick Willy. We must stop sitting idly by while this happens and take a stand for our children, our country, and our morals.

-"One Nation under God – to Hell with the ACLU."


Dad29 said...

The ACLU was also founded by a bunch of Communists.

They're not just anti-Christian: they are militant atheist/humanists, even though that moniker is a contradiction in terms.

Bush Rocks! said...

dad29, are you sure you are not a NeoCon? You sound like one. Too bad you are not.

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G said...

Is that dude for real? He is creeping me out a bit.....