Friday, September 09, 2005

Colin Powell Speaks Out

Did you ever notice that 20/20 has some really deceptive advertisements? I ask this because I've noticed alot of ads promoting an interview between Walters and Powell about his tenure with the Bush administration. All of the ads imply the animosity and dislike between Powell and the administration. After reading an ABC news article on the story, I still like Powell.

Yea, he's kind of a pansy but all in all, I think he's done great things as secretary of state and he definitely deserves our respect due to his career in the military. The interview (from what I gathered) was very tame, all real safe questions that Powell anwers - typically siding with the Bush administration. No more than a safe conversation about his time in office. It was interesting though how he took really no blame for his WMD comments to the UN but blamed it on his intelligent underlings... who cares. Hussein is in prison admitting his autrocities.

Don't forget to support our troops. They are still fighting for our freedom even if the news isn't covering them. They are spread all over this world trying to defend the defenseless and fight for our freedom.

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G said...

Don't call Powell a pansy or whatever you called him, I totally respected him and if he would have ran for president I would have considered voting for him.....Powell 2008!