Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Neocon Fanaticism is Reason for War?

Wow, it’s really starting to stack up. Neocons, a group really unbeknownst to the general public, are now the focal point of the Iraqi war. After reading articles and bloggers, many are calling this war more of an imperialistic advantage and excuse to persuade democracy overseas.

I truly feel, disregarding theory and claims, that our intentions in Iraq were for the most part, good. Do people forget Hussein and his atrocities? Has anyone been watching his trial and what he is pleading guilty too? I know individuals personally that invaded his palaces to find millions of dollars in crates, rooms designed specifically for gang rapes, and other unacceptable items owned by a leader. These same troops that I know also justify the war completely, stating that it needed to be done and they feel, it was done at the right time.

Do people need undeniably substantial evidence that Hussein and Bin Laden were cohorts? We just prosecuted Scott Lacey with the murder of his wife without a body. Doesn’t that mean anything? We are quick to kill a man, who I also think is guilty, even though we don’t have undeniably substantial evidence but when it comes to protecting our country from a breeding ground for terrorists, we are called neocon fascists.

I do agree that neoconservatism is wrong. I do agree that Republicans must now consider this when voting, but I’m frustrated with this overgeneralization. I support the war. I support Bush for the most part (his spending habits remind me of my mother’s). I also believe in Republican ideals, but by no means am I a neocon. *

Paul Craig Roberts wrote an article entitled Will Neocon Fanaticism Destroy America (Newsmax) in which he details his view of the war and our inevitable invasion of both Syria and Iran all thanks to neoconservatism. Roberts manages to confuse the reader with body counts, ammo expenditures, and troop numbers trying to claim that this war is really a farce with each insurgent’s death costing us "900,000 rounds of ammunition." Aha! Roberts caught on to the real meaning of the war. Bush’s actual cronies aren’t big oil or Tony Blair, but actually ammunition manufacturers. Bush is ordering ammunition, 1.8 billion rounds according to Roberts, just to put big ammo executive’s kids through college- pure genius.

Neoconservatism is a growing problem and Bush does partly resemble a neocon, but I will say that there is undoubtedly a level of compassion that cannot be ignored. If I say the war is appropriate and the man next to me says otherwise, who is right? We both have different opinions, beliefs, and facts that can defend our claims. God bless our troops and please God, bless our country.

*-My name is derived from the ever-growing liberal ideology and their inane overgeneralization of all Republicans.


Politically Incorrect Mom said...

Well put.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I am called a neocon on polishifter's site by everyone of his posters, especially the viet vet who knows better. It is the only ammunition that they have. They will sit there and tell you that you are a dittohead, neocon, and you drank too much kool aid instead of arguing with a point you made.

Liberals get so wound up all they can do is tell lies and name call. Common sense is a thing of the past...