Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nagin Skips Town

Brit Hume of the FNC is so far the only reporter to point out Nagin’s secession. What do you mean secession? Well, Nagin has decided to pick up stakes and move to Dallas with his family. I can understand if he decided to temporarily reside there while everything is fixed but he actually enrolled his kids in school and PURCHASED a house. Could this be the end to Nagin’s reign of idiocy? I gathered from Nagin’s recent actions that Louisiana is uninhabitable, even Baton Rouge.
One would think that the mayor of New Orleans would perhaps move to a different city in Louisiana so he could be close to ground zero or should I say ground –20. It just really goes to show that Nagin has no care for his constituents or the city that he served when we could just pack up and move. Now the question arises: Is Nagin hopping on flights back and forth from Dallas? Do you think part of the Emergency Relief Funds went to his recent house purchase or perhaps his now numerous flights?
Also note the only source of media that covered this story. FNC is the only media outlet that is willing to expose Nagin and his nonchalant attitude towards New Orleans. Go figure. MSM only wants to make the Bush Administration look bad, not the real at-fault individuals. If I was the mayor and idiotically enough didn’t evacuate my citizens, I would stay with the constituents and live within a respectable distant from the disaster area. That way I could be there when needed and also show my support for the hopefully recoverable city. From Nagin’s actions, I gather he’s given up on the Big Easy.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Another BIG Surprise!!!! Wow, I'm shocked! You would think that he would be there with "his" people and take plight with "his" people.