Friday, August 25, 2006

This is why we're fighting.

Sorry, it seems as if I'm having problems with the link. Here's the link again. The videos are Islam propaganda that shows their hatred towards Americans. It's absolutely appalling.

You can view more of films similar to this one if you doubleclick on the clip. This is no joke.


Tex said...

Code isn't right. There isn't a flash box.

Tex said...

Ok I saw the link on youtube. I've seen that before and at least a year ago on the Middle East Media Research Institute. They translate muslim propaganda in the region and publicly disseminate it on the net. The link is It's definately a website worth checking into.

Gayle said...

Mr. Tastic, I can't watch videos... they are way too slow to deal with when one has a dial-up connection, but I appreciate you putting them out there for people who watch than can watch them. I really don't need to watch them, however, as I know perfectly well why we are fighting. Still, many people don't (maybe liberals of course) and perhaps getting enough of these out over the internet can change some minds. :)