Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rocky Anderson: You're an idiot.

Anderson plans on protesting Bush's upcoming visit to Salt Lake City even against the will of his constituents:

"Offended by Rocky Anderson's plans to protest President Bush this week, the Utah Republican Party is waging a public-relations campaign urging Utahns to call the mayor and tell him to "stop embarrassing" the state. And while Utahns have listened - flooding City Hall with almost 300 calls and overwhelming the phone system - Anderson hasn't.

Salt Lake City's mayor isn't altering his protest plans. "Given the nastiness of some of these people, it actually just bolsters my resolve," said Anderson, who previously alleged that the "real embarrassment" is Utahns' unwavering support of Bush.

The GOP acknowledged that its push, sending out thousands of voice-mail messages to Republicans and running ads on about 20 radio stations around the state, wouldn't change Anderson's mind."

The greatest part of the story is here:

"City Hall was inundated with calls Monday and hired three temporary workers to handle them."

It just goes to show that the silent majority is watching...

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Anchorage Activist said...

Rocky Anderson is nothing but a cheap grandstander who will do anything for publicity. He is a disgrace to his city, his office, and himself.

If you read Wikipedia's entry on him, you'll find a track record of personal corruption on his part, as well as anti-Mormon bigotry.

If he's against Bush and the war in Iraq, fine, that's his business. But as mayor, one of his obligations is to host dignitaries. The President of the United States is a dignitary, and at least respect the office even if one cannot respect the officeholder. It wouldn't have killed him to keep his trap shut for just 24 hours.

I wonder if Anderson led a protest march down State Street when Mexican Caudillo Vicente Fox visited SLC a few months ago. Probably...NOT!