Monday, October 10, 2005

Corrupt Cops in New Orleans? No!!!!!!

I can’t believe it! There are police officers in New Orleans that are corrupt! No! (Insert thick cynicism, facetiousness, or sarcasm). Well, at least we have evidence, pictures, and film; before this we only had rumors of theft, violence, and missing monies. The funny part is the lack of media coverage. When a democratic government has corrupt police, it really isn’t corruption because liberal media wants to wait and hear the story. No finger pointing yet.

People are actually stipulating that the police were under extreme pressure causing them to over react when an AARP receiver (64-yo) was drunk in public. 64 YEARS OLD!!! Betcha he was a real dangerous man. Probably tried to cough on them. They pummeled him like a rented mule! Then they went on to beating the cameraman who was filming the incident.

Quote from MyWay news:

"The confrontations come as the department - long plagued by allegations of brutality and corruption - struggles with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the resignation last month of Police Superintendent Eddie Compass."

There is no justification for this type of abuse. I understand that police officers are wary of their surroundings, especially while dealing with drunks, but this was clearly unacceptable. I believe that force must be used but the video clearly shows outright abuse. On the bright side, the race card has yet to be played (Wait for it... Wait for it).

-Pictures compliments of MyWay.


P.I. Mom said...

I agree that the MSM is being way to easy on this story. I was appalled to find my local news station only reporting this last night. I had read about it over the weekend on blogs. It happened on Saturday night and it took until Monday at 11PM for the nightly news to pick it up? So much for wanting to report the news as it "breaks". Also - check out this latest article...
The victim is a retired school teacher who was out to buy a pack of ciggarettes - says he hasn't had a drink in 25 years! This OUGHT to turn into a mess for the NoLa Police Dept.

G said...

Foolishness, I am sure the cops had a reason for doing that. In hind site now was it warranted or not is another question. Was the old man thretening bodily harm to the cops? Was he reaching in his pockets implying he had a weapon? You don't know.

Give me a break, your just seeing what the media wants you to see. Don't make this a political thing, put yourself in the shoes of the cops.

P.I. Mom said...

g - try putting yourself in the shoes of the victim. If this was your father, would you be sticking up for a police department that is historically corrupt?

G said...

Knowing my dad, if that would have happened to him, he would have done or said something to bring those actions about.

The same way this man did.

P.I. Mom said...

Well, bully to you for having such a "fun loving" dad.

My father is about this man's age. He's in good health - never taken a drink, never smoked a ciggarette and is not overweight...but I can tell you with all certainty that ONE police officer could probably take him down at his age. Three is MOST DEFINITELY excessive force for a 60 something man.

Neo-Con Tastic said...
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Neo-Con Tastic said...

I was listening to a retired cop on the radio explaining numerous ways to getting a man to the ground without having to repeatedly thrash their head.

For instance, using their billy-clubs to the back of the 'criminal's' knees will usually subdue him immediately.

Secondly, if the man was reaching for a weapon, which cop pulled out a weapon to defend themselves? Don't you think a gun to the head would make him stop grabbing in his pants?

Granted, we didn't see the whole event and it really is a he said/she said, I'm confident that these cops are very much at fault. And yes, they are historically corrupt.

G said...

Its not excessive because I say so.

Anonymous said...

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