Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bravo you Money-Hungry Idiots!

It’s official: no more running at recess. Broward County Schools of Florida have officially banned running at their 137 schools. Signs are now posted at all locations prohibiting kids from running. The worst part is - this isn’t even half of it.

Swing sets, teeter totters, monkey bars, sandboxes, all gone. Hazards. Dangerous in too many ways to be fun. No more running for children – but what about the obesity issue?

"Since 1999, Broward County schools paid out about $561,000 to settle 189 claims for playground accidents, about 5 percent of the amount the district spent on all injury claims in that time. To keep those numbers low, Graziose said, he needs to keep thinking of ways to make playgrounds safe." - Sun Sentinel

While doing more research on the topic, I came upon a funny little picture that really encapsulated the school system and judicial activism. I don’t know much about this website, Common Good, but they sure have a sense of humor when it comes to politics.


P.I. Mom said...

Here's an idea....in Pennsylvania you can't sue a school district! Individuals IN the district, yes...but not the school. When I was a coach - I had to personally protect myself and my assets from liability because the school could not be sued.

Kids run....kids fall...kids break bones....it happens when you're a kid. It's part of being a kid. That's just insane!

G said...

Well I guess it is the first step of many in the direction of communism.

A communist democracy.....what an idea. Or are we living that idea?