Thursday, August 25, 2005

Show Your Pride

I ask all of my readers, yes all three of you, to spread the word about this website. I can't go to Texas this Saturday for the rally but I can visit this website and help out 'in spirit.' The site itself is dedicated strictly to supporting the troops, writing letters, and sending care packages to help them through their tour. All of the hatred and spite that Sheehan spits out does get back to them so we have to show that Sheehan does not speak for all of us. Visit the website:

It is governement operated so bear with the website but it would mean alot to all of them if everyone wrote a letter. And, if you actually send a letter, they will send you a free dog tag saying the you support the troops. It would be awesome to see millions of citizens wearing those tags. I plan on wearing mine and hopefully others will wear theirs, symbolizing a bond.

-On a side note, Robert should be home from boot camp. He's probably deploying in September or November. He, like all, is ready to fight for our freedom and fight for those who can't defend themselves.

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G said...

Yes isnt it a shame Robert is getting deployed to protect the freedom of the shameful, ungrateful, helpless "Americans" who are apart of and all others of that mindset.