Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Senor Chavez the Humanitarian?

Like Lenin and Stalin, Chavez is playing the masses. Sure, Robertson might have been out of line (he can't keep a secret), Chavez is using this and other comments to his political advantage. Chavez, the Venezuelean Communist President, is now offering a variety of assistance to Americans.

For starters, he disregarded Robertson's comments and went on to offering medical assistance to the American poor. Yes, you heard me right. Chavez is apparently allowing the under-class of the United States a free "Medical Card" for the Cuban healthcare system. He also wants to sell gas directly to the under-class at half the cost of the regular consumer. What a humanitarian! This man is the next closest thing to Jesus! I hope he is running in 2008!

Now, with the horrible crisis on the Gulf coast, Chavez is offering food, water, manpower, and fuel to assist in the recovery of Mississippi and New Orleans. Geez, this man should be canonized immediately!

Okay, enough is enough. I got to admit that he is smart. He's playing on the weak, at their utmost lowest, and is really promoting a communist agenda. The more people that like him, the less he's got to worry about. I'm waiting to hear who is the first liberal or activist group that starts to glorify him. As the poor and suffering begin to grasp the easiness of getting "healthcare" and fuel for free, communism starts to look good.

I just thought of something. Didn't "Flip-Flop" offer free HC in his last "campaign?" I think he did! Is it then okay for me to say.... oh, 'Kerry's a commie.' Anyone object? Didn't think so.

To close, keep an eye out on this story. Chavez is going to gain speed and Bush is going to lose even more in his approval scores with the liberals pointing fingers at Bush, the proposed liberal satan, to the saint Lenin, excuse me, Chavez.

Oh, it's too late. Read this blog and see for yourself that the anti-Americans, i.e. liberals, are buying from Citgo! Funding for communism right at the pump. Awesome. This is apparently their way of getting back at Bush.

Have no fear, I'm here.

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