Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Politicizing Katrina: A Natural Disaster

Before writing on hurricane Katrina, I felt the need to show some pictures of this catastrophic category 4 hurricane. It blew by my home 400 miles west of me but even we felt stronger winds and rain. I implore everyone to say a prayer for the victims of this tragic event. These people are without homes, electricity, and some without temporary shelter. They need our prayers and any assistance: www.redcross.org

The liberal bloggers, main-stream media, and even scientists are actually blaming Bush for the hurricane. For one, apparently Bush has exhausted our complete supply of National Guard members because they are all on vacation at a sunny, desert resort. CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox are claiming that the relief effort will be lacking due to Bush's tyrade in Iraq. This morning the liberal bloggers jumped on this wagon and are all pointing fingers. God-forbid Bush being on vacation during such a tragedy. These people are serious too!

Secondly, scientists of Oslo are now claiming that due to Bush's "lax environmental policies" he actually created Katrina. Katrina was the 10th tropical depression leaving the coast of Africa. She then dissipated and was ignored due the lack of organization. Shortly there-after, she gained strength and became the 12th tropical depression. Immediately following that, she earned her designation, "Katrina." Long story short, if we had all stopped using our cars and hopped on the "Veggie Mobile," we would have actually stopped this hurricane from hitting. Sure, yea right. These idiots in Oslo claim that global warming, a still unproven theory, created hotter than natural temps in the water, and hurricanes, storms formed to displace high-temp waters, occurred thanks to US pollution.

Finally, one more note. Remember Live 8, that concert that funded the tyrannical leaders in Africa? Well, where are they now? Is Bono and Diddy coming down to have concerts to raise money for the disaster victims, or refugees as the "media" has coined them? Do you think maybe Ben and Jerry or Sheryl Crow are hopping on the "Veggie Mobile" to save all of those Red States? I don't think so. I truly think that that perhaps is the underlying theory: Red States. Watch the liberals point fingers while looking the other way when asked to help.

What ever happened to trying to help out with whatever means one can? Why does everything have to be politicized? When do we say, 'enough is enough'?


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I heard something about this briefly on El Rushbo this afternoon. It is pretty funny stuff. Not only is Bush at fault, but more importantly the coprpulent U.S. of A. The glutton of the world that is us is being blamed because of our consumption and thus the creation of "global warming." Never you mind that tropical depressions, storms, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, meteor showers, forest fires, floods, Godzilla attacks have existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Incededntaly, those occured too because someone ate too much and farted something fierce.

G said...

Apparently enough is never enough.

Nic said...

What a crock! It's almost like they're saying that Bush deliberately created this hurricane. The left-wing looniecrats make me so mad sometimes b/c of the junk that they spew all over the place.

BTW, Thanks so much for visiting my blog often and linking me. I will return the favor! :)