Monday, July 03, 2006

NY Slime is Still Crossing the Line

Now, the NY Times is advertising where our government officials live, even pointing out security cameras of the premises. This article goes into detail about the residences of many top-level government officials, zeroing in on Rumsfeld's house. Another massive security breach, the NY Times is completely disrespecting this administration and any relevant security issues. What would happen to the NY Times if something happened to Rumsfeld's house? Undoubtedly nothing as no one seems to care.

In related news, the NY Times is trying to cover their asses in regards to the terrorist-financing program that they reported on last week. Breitbart covers it in detail here quoting Bill Keller, the executive editor of the Times. I've taken quotes from the article and posted them so you can read the idiocy of Keller's statements.

"I don't think the threshold test of whether you write about how the government is waging the war on terror is whether they've done something that's blatantly illegal or outrageous," Keller said. "I think you probably would like to know what they're doing that's successful as well."

Here's a good one:

"But this was a case where clearly the terrorists or the people who finance them know quite well, because the Treasury Department and the White House have talked openly about it, that they monitor international banking transactions. It's not news to the terrorists," he said.

And the icing:

"I mean, it's an election year. Beating up on The New York Times is red meat for the conservative base," Keller said. "But I don't think this is all politics. I think the administration is a little embarrassed. This is the most secretive White House we've had since the Nixon White House."

These quotes were all in defense of the article written last week but what I think is more important is the tone of voice. It's obvious that Keller isn't very fond of the White House and this is true bias. He claims on one hand that the NY Times is just reporting factual stories while on the other hand; he insults the administration and lies about the level of "secrecy."

Does anyone read this garbage?

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Gayle said...

"Does anyone read this garbage?"

I certainly don't! The NYTs should be shut down. They have left real journalism so far behind that to use their name in the same sentence as "journalism" is an oxymoron! They have become traitors to our country... nothing less! I detested them before I read this post, and now I detest them even more! It is unbelievable that they would publish where our Government Officials live and where the security cameras are. The asshats are just begging to be taken down, and I hope their total downfall will become a fact soon. I'm not holding my breath though!