Monday, July 31, 2006

China Preparing for...

I've always been weary and skeptical of China and with every passing day, I believe that China is plotting for aggression. Constantly they threaten the West, they have been proven of genocide, they support communist countries, and are no friends of democracy. We consistently feed this sleeping giant with our massive trade deficits, MFN status, and a blind eye from our government.

Now, as China prepares for war, they show signs of true preparation. Shanghai, has just finished building an underground bunker sufficient to support 200,000 civilians from a nuclear blast.

Cited here, the article goes on to say:

The million-square-foot complex connects to shopping centers, office buildings, apartment buildings and the subway system via miles of tunnels, the Shanghai Morning Post said in an exclusive report.

The newspaper said the complex has water, electricity, lighting, ventilation and protective doors, and can support life for as long as two weeks.

This just goes to show that China is aligning their chess pieces, preparing for war while we are blind by low, low prices and liberal acceptance.


Anonymous said...

Now, that is paranoia if ever I've seen it.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Yea, I'm nucking futs.