Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hollywood's Taking a Turn for the Worse

"Controversy, reality reign at Oscars"

In yesterday's St. Petersburg Times, the Oscars were front page news. Steve Persall, the writer, implied of bias towards Brokeback Mountain on how it lost the Best Picture asward to Crash. Apparently, it should’ve won the award because it won a Golden Globe, Directors Guild of America Prize, and the Producers Guild of America award. Persall states:

"Of the nine films that had scored that triple play before, eight took the Best Picture Oscar."

Personally, I don’t think either deserved the award. The 40-year Old Virgin had more substance and realities than either movie. The American people are sick of this trash that they are producing. March of the Penguins, winner of the Best Documentary, actually pulled in more cash than any of the nominees for Best Picture, totaling more than $77 million so far. I think that should answer questions on what we want to see, not two gay cowboys or some racist, perverted cop.

In dollars and cents, here is substantial proof that Hollywood is not in touch with America:

"Box office numbers usually influence the show's television appeal. This year's five best picture nominees grossed less than $250-million combined at U.S. theaters, the least popular group since 1984. The Oscar telecast scored its highest ratings ever in 1998 when an estimated 55.2-million viewers watched Titanic, the all- time U.S. box office champion, dominate the balloting."

In the words of DCS, "nuff said."

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