Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Off Topic: Ernie the Klepto

To continue with my new tradition of pointing out my favorite advertisements, I've come up with my favorite ad for the year thus far. This ad was created for Starburst Candy. It's another must see and you can watch it here (Click on the tape labeled "Ernie"). It's an outstanding commercial that really attracts the viewer.

Note: The number one ad rating site, AdCritic.com, has acclaimed this as their pick of the week, one week after I chose it. Huh, maybe they should consider my resume.

I apologize for all who have dial-up and can't witness this hilarious 30-sec ad (Gayle).


Tex said...

Yeah, I didn't find that one as funny as I probably should. Now I'm off to find the video of Halo vs Donkey Kong.

Tom McKenna said...

Hmmm, unusual blog, but pretty cool. Thanks for the link; I've put one for yours on mine. Keep up the good work!

Adrianne said...

Hello! I was glad to read that you are somewhat torn/troubled on the issue of DP, I think most Catholics are. Thanks for linking me to your blog, but I am not all that "conservative", except financially. I am more of a libertarian:) Although I to am guilty of straying on some issues with the Catholic church such as gay marriage, but I am firm on all other issues.

Anonymous said...

MY FRIENDS AND I ALL LOVE THAT STARBURST COMMERCIAL! We think it is the best commercial out there this year and hope to see more. That kid who gets his shirt taken is hilarious!!