Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dirty Harry Dumber than Ever

Senator "Dirty" Harry Reid is now requesting Bush to admit to corruption during his presidency. Apparently, Reid is accusing Bush of Abramoff's corruption. Newsmax reports:

"In his 2000 campaign, George Bush promised to bring 'dignity' to the White House, but we've since found that he brought Jack Abramoff instead," said Reid, D-Nev.

This next question I ask is to the liberals who read this: Is he serious? Do you really agree with Dirty Harry in equating Abramoff, a lobbyist, to that of Bush? Bush brought Abramoff with his presidency?

I don't know if he saw the list of people involved with Abramoff but I linked it again and lo-and-behold, Reid is on it with a reported $68,000+ in accepted money. Ummm... I don't get it? That is the worst doublespeak I've seen. Right from Reid's mouth about Bush:

"has been giving us doublespeak for years."

Doesn't he know the age old: People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. More importantly, don't equate Abramoff to that of our president. Bush didn't invite him. Bush didn't know. Just because Abramoff is "republican" doesn't mean it's Bush's fault. Enough with this "Blame Bush" bullshit. It's getting old and it's not going to help in 2006, you'll see.

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