Wednesday, January 04, 2006

America won't buy America

Interesting article here on how our beloved Congress dropped the "Buy America" language in a current Defense bill. Bush obviously will sign (when hasn't he) and now we will abandon our own country's manufacturing capabilities.

I still tend to lean towards competition and 'best price' practices, but when considering what we are purchasing, one must consider the outcome. When this bill passes, the Air Force would then be flying European manufactured Refueling Tankers as opposed to "Made in the USA" military products. Of course the bill won't be questioned - even Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif who inserted the "Buy America" language laid down on the removal.

Saving tax money = losing jobs. Hmmmm. Tough one.


Dan Trabue said...

He who lives by the capitalist sword, dies by the capitalist sword and only the humorists will appreciate the irony.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Vicious Circle, isn't it?

Dad29 said...

It's not the damn money...

It's the friggin' REPLACEMENT parts. The fact is that AlQuaeda has a much better chance of screwing up Euroweenie factories and/or supply chain than US plants.

How many planes have to be down 'for parts' until these morons get it?

Or is that the plan???

Daniel Levesque said...

Grr, we should NOT rely on other countries for our military goods under any circumstances. Ever.

Interesting new picture you have for yourself NeoCon, But I must I rather preferred the former.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

We should be buying from ourselves. FDR did one thing right during his presidency and that was him creating jobs by purchasing American products.

RC- I'm sure Bush'll be back, thought I'd change it up for a while.