Wednesday, December 21, 2005

W v. X42

This is a must read for all. The writer puts W up against Slick Willy and shows who the real criminal is. Great facts, interesting numbers, and overall, excellent.

Click here.


Dan Trabue said...

While I'm no defender of Clinton, his administration "crimes" pale in number to the Reagan administration (138 convictions, indictments or investigations), as I expect it will eventually pale in comparison to W's administration, once all his convictions and investigations are in (that is, if there is a God and if justice is served).

The reason liberals keep "finding" all these scandals is because Bush is putting them out there. What we can't believe is what it takes to get a fella convicted or impeached these days!

I mean, Clinton can be impeached for lying about a blow job!! but Bush can't be convicted of treasonous acts? Of war crimes? Of breaking laws?

It's as if first Nixon and then Clinton have raised the bar on what it takes to get impeached and/or convicted.

Revka said...

You know every time i hear the reagan statistics, it gets higher..
I received my information from a website that is liberal or libertarian. They hate Bush and Clinton. HOWEVER, I think it is interesting to note the difference between the Bush 'false accusations' and the 'true accusations, and crime' of the Clinton administration.. their hero.. their first 'black' president.
It is amazing the libs comeback on my post is giving numbers on Reagan.
Interesting to say the least.
Thanks for linking me. I will link you as well..