Friday, December 16, 2005

I have seen the Light

I recommend that my devoted readers take a seat. I’m retracting my theory on the American stance on our economic situation. I’ve come to realize after years of debate that I was wrong. Yes, I was wrong.

Over the last five years or so, I’ve titled myself as a conservative, capitalist promoting the global market and free trade. I’ve been disillusioned by my beliefs in market economics, business development, and the American stigma of ‘entitlement.’ I was under this premise that America couldn’t fail, that it would always prevail. We would find new ways to be ahead of the game. That’s not the case.

Just as recently as this week, I posted a blog on how China could have our manufacturing – we’d always be a step ahead. I easily took to debate that we would learn, evolve, and continue to move forward as we lost manufacturing. I even went so far to call it “primitive,” blaming the American public for always wanting the lowest price, not wanting to be a manufacturer (blue collar = bad), and being spoiled (entitlement). Again, I was wrong.

After reading “Where the Right went Wrong” by Patrick Buchanan, I’ve come to my senses. Yes, I’ve always knew the facts, but they were easy to rebut. We are digging ourselves into a grave, nearing the point of no escape. We need to halt all trading pacts, agreements, and global organizations including NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, UN, and the League of Nations. We need to halt all free imports. We need to increase exports. We need to instill tariffs upwards of 60% on all foreign products.

Yes, we are to blame for slipping into this quagmire, between Nixon, H. Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush; we’ve virtually opened our doors to international regulation while still abiding by our own restriction. We believe in fair pay, honest environmental practices, and proper business while our partners disregard all meaning for human and natural life. I’m not blaming unions or environmental activists; I’m blaming all of the other countries that are uncivilized, the countries that have no regard.

Fortress America shouldn’t be a concept but actually a program. We need to shut down the borders on illegal immigrants and cheap foreign product. Our dollar is falling, our workforce is getting paid less, and foreign companies are purchasing our debt. Our fore fathers would be outraged. Historic conservatives would scoff at the principles of today’s modern republicans.

We need to stop defending global “free” trade and start defending America. Every time a manufacturer loses a plant and thousands of workers lose their jobs, the government has failed. If we had to be self-sufficient, I don’t think it would be possible. I blame people like myself for letting market economics, “compassionate conservatism”, and outright denial blind our view on the future of America.



Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Welcome home, young grasshopper.

Daniel Levesque said...

It is good to see you are not some ideologue who is not open to reason and facts.

Welcome to the darkside young luke.

I will be back.

Rick's Corner said...

I agree with alot of what you've said, but do not form the same conclusion. Going back to the days of isolationism, high tariffs, etc will not work in today's global economy. We can still do it if we have to, but the type of economy we have has changed. I'm not all that thrilled how everyone is on the bandwagon about China either.

Be careful about Pat Buchanan. We may joke about the dark side, but he may truly be the antithesis of the Jedi. I'd rather follow Newt's ideas and Rush's and be upbeat. Let the Left be gloom and doom, and us find the workable solutions in today's world.

Gayle said...

I believe Rick is right. Also, don't blame yourself too much. We all live and learn... Uh, at least most of us do.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! In fact, I like it so much that I'm going to post it at the top of both of my blogs from now until Christmas. Thank you for this post and your last one as well!

Dad29 said...

Rick: You like Gingrich, eh?

It was Newtie, the Pointy-Head, who slammed through MFN for Red China, the single most brutal Gummint on the face of the Earth.

His choice of "friends" leaves a lot to be desired--and your approval of his foreign policy--that is, 'let the Fortune 500 dictate' is not particularly encouraging.

China should be kicked out of WTO and stripped of MFN status until China acknowledges AND demonstrates an understanding of human rights.

As to "high tariffs not working..."--perhaps. But either the US is the world's single largest market, or it is not. Are you suggesting that foreign countries will no longer attempt to sell their goods in the US if we establish a tariff?

Are you suggesting that "equal tariffs" are unfair to the USA?

Get serious.

Dan Trabue said...

I, too, am glad to see that we can evolve (if you'll excuse the use of the word) and learn. I, too, am very opposed to NAFTA and other "free" trade agreements, although maybe for different reasons than you.

A total laissez-faire will encourage/IS encouraging a "race to the bottom." Whichever country is willing to do the least to govern the rights of workers and the cost to the environment will get the jobs. This will only serve to drive down workers' incomes, make jobs less just and wreck our economy. Not a great thing, seems to me.

Looking forward to more thoughts on this. Seems like the "free" trade issue is an area where some conservatives and progressives could come together. I only hate that it's because of Pat Buchanan that you've reached this conclusion.

Talk about your dark side!

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Granted Pat Buchanan is quite pessimistic, I must say he is quite an intelligent man. Alot of his predictions have been right on, and he's always backed up his theories with both facts and past situations that resemble our current position. Buchanan is a good man but the press makes him out to being a monster.

Dan, we can agree, let's leave it at that. JK