Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Screw Merrill Lynch, Senate here I come

Christian Science Monitor reports that a recent study has shown that senators are beating the stock market by an average of 12% - outdoing the typical investment firms by nearly 7%. Here’s a breakdown of the standard success rate of investors:

Senate – 12%
Investment Firms – 5%
Household Investors – -1.5%

From the monitor:

The study, done by researchers from four universities, paints a few senators as heavy traders - but not the institution as a whole. During the 1990s years in question, 62 senators disclosed some 6,000 stock trades. Nearly half of those were reported by just four lawmakers: Claiborne Pell (D) of Rhode Island, John Warner (R) of Virginia, John Danforth (R) of Missouri, and Barbara Boxer (D) of California. The vast majority of purchase transactions are less than $15,000.

Both the big traders and the small ones, in the statistical analysis, shared similar patterns of success.

Hmm… I don’t care who you are, that smells funny!


Dad29 said...

Purchasing US Senators is no more challenging than purchasing State legislators.

In the first case, merely remind the Senator that particular legislation will be beneficial to one's stock price. The Senator will buy the stock.

GE damn near wrote one of the tax bills passed last year. Wanna bet a bunch of Senators purchased GE?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I wish I had a senator in my pocket...