Monday, November 07, 2005

French Fed-up with Failing Favors

5% - USA unemployment rate

9.5% - French unemployment rate

Geez, I wonder why we don't have random riots?

Well, well, well… For starters, someone has to recognize the successes of Bush so let me be the first. Our current 5% unemployment rate is fantastic considering Bush’s lack of recognition. Only 5% of the US citizens are unemployed and out of that 5%, I’ll bet you that 3% are actually looking for work. I’d consider that a benchmark.

Onto France - Chirac is in trouble. Unemployment is soaring to nearly 10% of the French population. Wow! Just imagine the collapse of this fragile economy considering the current situation. Now, instead of pursuing the rioters, France wants to "understand" the situation. They want to work with the mosques and inner-city leaders to alleviate the riots. What about... weapons? How about tear gas? Policing maybe?

This scenario is quite similar to France in all of their conflicts: Germany during WWII, Al Quaeda, etc. Apparently, socialist democracies and understanding the enemies don’t work.

France is the perfect example of an ‘entitled’ society. These people want everything for nothing, including work. Now only if the media gave this coverage it rightfully deserved, perhaps some American "citizens" would understand why free health care and socialism don’t work.


Anonymous said...
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Dad29 said...


#2 biggest reason the US has not had these problems: we have a LOT of GUNS in homes.

AND we know how to use them.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

***The two deletions were tests performed by me.***

Well precisely. I just find it funny that the only press coverage of this story focuses on the Muslims. They don't consider the inner-city that are also taking part in the rioting. The MSM spins it to some kind of terrorism while in actuality, it boils down unsatisfaction of their current state.

That gives an opening to blame Bush for both the rioting and terrorism itself.

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