Thursday, November 10, 2005

Go-Go Gadget Gun?

Finally, a weapon that the UN might approve to use against people that don’t follow UN rules. The US military is proposing a new weapon called the PHASR (Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response) which temporarily blinds attackers. A similar weapon was actually designed nearly a decade ago that permanently blinded the attackers, saving their lives but ‘disarming’ them indefinitely. However, due to our ‘bend over’ policy with the UN, that weapon wasn’t sanctioned.

So the PHASR is still in its early prototype stage but this weapon seems worthy of approval. Now, there are particular set-backs like still having the capability of blinding individuals but if it’s used properly, the concern is next to nil. This weapon is the perfect item for truck bombers and people not stopping at roadblocks because the blinded driver then cannot finish their objective.

The obvious downside is once the driver is blinded; do you think he’s going to stop? Also, if this gets into the wrong hands, not only will it be misused but consider all of the possible terrorists attacks that could occur – planes and rush hour traffic just to name a few.

Overall, I’m excited to see if this gets passed and am happy to know that my tax dollars aren’t all pork barrel projects and paying for Katrina.

Check out the full article here. Thanks Glenn.

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