Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Just Say No to McCain"

UPDATE to my last post which is featured below.

Well, the anti-McCain brigade is gaining ground and Little Miss Chatterbox has posted a phenomenal piece on why McCain should not be our Republican nominee. I've extracted a little piece and pasted it below but I encourage you all to read the entire post here. The following piece is one of the six reasons why McCain doesn't deserve the nomination:

"2) He was the head of the backstabbing gang of 14. I cannot even begin to tell you how this incident made my blood boil. One of the reasons I was so concerned about the outcome of the elections in 2000 & 2004 was because judicial nominees are so important. I had been just sick about how the Democrats were filibustering all the nominees and not even letting them come to the floor for a vote. The word on the street was that the Republicans were going to go with the "nuclear option" or the "constitutional option" as Rush termed it. I was so excited that finally there would be no more obstruction and filibustering. Right before it was to happen I see the breaking news that McCain and 13 other senators have come up with this ridiculous compromise where as always the Republicans do all the compromising. Ever since that day the phrase "Over my dead body will John McCain get the Republican nomination" often comes out of my mouth."

On another note, LMC has pointed me to the blogroll that is behind the anti-McCain rally. I encourage you all to join as I have.


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