Friday, August 31, 2007

Clinton + PRC = Shi_

If it walks like shi_, talks like shi_, and stinks like shi_ - it's the Clinton fundraising machine.

‘Uh oh, here go the Republicans, bringing up old dirt.’ ***

Not true at all. Hillary Clinton (and many other democrats) has been collecting money from a crook and is now paying the price. It seems as if Hsu, a man of mystery in the apparel industry, has been dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the DNC, primarily to the Clinton camp. No one really knows where he comes but he has a decorated past. Decorated as in brushing up with the Chinese mafia, being arrested on fraud charges, and procuring hundreds of thousands for the DNC.

Yesterday, Ben Smith cried about the Republicans profiling Hsu due to his ethnicity. I really don’t know what the problem is here. Yes, Hsu is Chinese. And yes, that makes him more suspect. Call me racist - I call it investigative.

Now not just Clinton but also all of the rats are jumping ship. Hmmmm. More reason to believe Hsu’s record isn’t so clean. To be honest though, I expect nothing less from the democrats. What bothers me is the lack of Republican pressure on the issue. Sure, statements are being made but this scandal will fizzle to the wayside with the post-Labor day blues.

*** Don’t get me started about digging up old dirt.

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