Thursday, February 09, 2006

Please do not read if you are sensitive to Religious Reference:

In Deltona Beach, FL, officials have removed three famous paintings from display because they have slight references to Christianity. Lloyd Marcus, a wonderful African-American painter, had his art displayed at City Hall and now, three paintings have been removed. All three, similar to the one above, have minor implications of religion so officials felt the need to take them off display.

There has been no complaints about them being up but once they were removed, people then got upset. Some blacks pointed out the importance of religion in their lives and how that was an important piece of their history.

This has gone too far. It's ridiculous to think that Marcus' paintings can't all be shown because some depict religion. Absolute absurdity.

HT: World Net Daily


elliot said...


Hard to see how having that painting in a city hall=establishing a state relgion.

Dan Trabue said...

And I'll agree, too, if the facts are as WND presented them. I'd think that's just the kind of thing that the ACLU would jump on to help defend (they've done so before).

If the city officials did actually remove those paintings for that reason, they have a poor understanding of the freedom of speech and the notion of separation of church and state.